Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Have you viewed a highlight video of Mario Yakoo? If so what did you think and can you provide the link for the rest of us? – Anonymous
The only video of him I’ve seen is on Scout.com, but it’s premium content, so you’ll need a pass. From what I’ve seen, he’s a big boy with a good body, but he tends to use his size and strength against what appear to be weaker linemen, without much technique. He’s a project, but projects have worked before, and Palcic is a good coach. Here’s a link, anyway: Video

2) Jon you seem to be very knowledgeable on O line play. What prompted the change to weak and strong side alignments? Personnel, Maestro, pass protection. Thanks Rico Bruin
I think it mostly has to do with personnel.

3) Chris Martin OLB/DE has left U. of Florida. (committed to Notre Dame then Cal and then the Gators). Is this a player that the Bruins could use? Are they recruiting him? In general should UCLA pursue “fickle” athletes,like Brandon Willis and Chris Martin? – Anonymous
I think you go on a case by case basis, but with the baggage that Martin brings along, I’m not so sure it’s a good idea.

4) Do you feel Malcolm Jones should red shirt this season do to depth at our running back position? – ty
No, I think Jones can fill a valuable role for UCLA this year, and I can’t imagine them redshirting him. Jim Maestro wants four running backs, and while Jones won’t get 20 carries a game, he should get a decent shot at a good workload.

5) Jon, Neuheisel got a law degree form USC. He might be purposefully sabotaging Ucla football. Can you ask him next time you see him? – localbruin
Wow…that’s all I gotta say. Wow.

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  • Bruintx

    Maybe Rick can sue himself for breaking his UCLA contract by being a spy for U$C. Of course, since his degree is from $C, he’d probably lose the case… LOL

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    VB: There are plenty of other sites for you to get off on, you’ve already gone away mad, so now, just go away. This one has prided itself on being much more civil, or, even family-friendly. And then you lie by saying you are going into dormancy on another post before dropping the f-bomb here. Younger adults and teens frequent this site. If you think there is not PLENTY to debate in civil discord about race and sports (as Jon did) then you are seriously removed from reality.

  • jaybru777

    I remember you posting a few weeks back that UCLA would be lucky to get 4 and 5 star athlete’s to commit to them with a 4-8 record. With the recent number of commitments in the past few weeks, wouldn’t you say it was more of coaching issue and their lack of inability to recruit, rather than a UCLA record problem.

    Second Question- I guess I have a personal problem with this, however I’m always amazed when I watch recruiting video’s on some recruits, how they get ranked so highly or ranked even so lowly. Who are the evaluators and what gives them the qualifications to evaluate? Played before? Own the website? Is a good writer? How?
    I know for the average fan 4-5 stars mean everything to them, however to me it only means for a chance to be evaluated by a trained professional.

  • localbruin

    Jon, I’ll take that as a “no”.

  • jaybru777

    Sorry posted in the wrong section. My question is for the open question forum.

  • LOL that might be the most awkward conversation of all time man!