Brehaut named California Collegiate League All-Star

UCLA quarterback Richard Brehaut has been named a California Collegiate League All-Star and will participate in the game, which is going to be televised on Fox Sports West, to be held at Glendale’s Casey Stengel Field.

As of July 4, Brehaut is leading the Academy Barons with a .400 batting average and a home run and two doubles in 15 at-bats, while starting seven games. Brehaut is also participating in summer player-run 7-on-7s and throwing with receivers near-daily.

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  • Blitzed

    Gotta hand it to this kid. Dude is great athlete. And balancing both seemingly well.

  • Anonymous

    I was always under the impression that Brehaut was a very average baseball player due to the understandable lack of time commitment. IMO, he has still not proven himself in either sport, so I hope he comes to a conclusion soon. Jack of all trades, master of none is a hard road.

  • Anonymous

    15 at bats, that is 3 games. That makes you an all-star?

  • Semi-Pro

    Still really wish he was spending this time learning the playbook, throwing to receivers, or watching practice/game film. But whatever, it’s not like he’s trying to be a D1 Quarterback or anything……..oh wait….

  • Classof98

    When is going to find the time to make his 1000 passes per route per day as his OC insists???

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Better headline:
    “Brehaut Named Baseball All-Star; Prince Breathes Sigh of Relief While Hundley Licks Chops”

  • Reasonable Bruin

    If he’s such a good hitter, why didn’t he get any at bats this year with the baseball team? They sure could have used another stick.

    @Semi-Pro: You’re the type guy who, whenever they show Obama talking about sports or spending time with his family, says “Why isn’t he out balancing the budget or fighting the war on terror?”. Give it a rest already.

  • BruinFaithful


    “Gotta hand it to this kid. Dude is great athlete. And balancing both seemingly well.”

    Are you high? Is it Blitzed or Blazed?

    Have you not been watching the last 3 years? Exactly what has he done to give you that opinion? He has a crippled and a 17 year HS kid as competition and he still can’t lock the job down. Heck, he still can’t remember plays from the day before. Exactly how is that a good balancing act?

  • timmah

    @ reasonable bruin. yeah nobody should ever talk about the Prez’s committment to solving the budget crisis, i mean look at the way his budget was so serious it got rejected 92-0 by Dems and Repubs…oh wait.

  • BruinAZ


  • vvvbj

    Get off his ass. He is a kid, let him do what he wants, and stop being so selfish, its his life, and as such, he will make his own decisions.

    And there is no doubt at all that he is an athlete. To be able to play 2 division 1 sports for a major conference, and have a full ride in one of them? Of course he is an athlete, there is no denying that.

  • Waste Management

    I’ve never seen so many dumb@ss and just plain ill informed comments. Jon, if these are the level of comments on this blog we would be best served to have no comments at all. BTW, there are plenty of
    D1 quarterback or other position players who have and continue to play baseball. Also, Brehaut was highly regarded and productive baseball player at Los Osos. For instance, his OPS was 1.250 as a Sophomore and he was Captain of his team in his Sophomore and Junior years. He didn’t play his Senior year to concentrate on football. I’d like to hear one of you guys tell Bo Jackson or Deion
    Sanders or John Elway or Kirk Gibson or Dennis Dixon or the list goes on and on and on … yeah tell them to stick to one sport … I’d really like you to walk up to Jim Brown…that would be classic…oh, and don’t forget our own Jackie Robinson. So if the kid wants to play, shut your pie holes it’s his life and you probably never played t-ball.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Wow, waste mgr.
    Let’s bring this down to Sesame Street levels and just say, “One of these things just doesn’t belong here …”
    Bo Jackson. Deion Sanders. John Elway. Kirk Gibson. Dennis Dixon. Jim Brown … And Richard Brehaut.
    What a shame to even mention the previous half-dozen in the same post. I’m newer to this site, but from what I’ve seen the most comments are for Brehaut TO GROW A SET and grab this position and freaking do something with it.
    Otherwise, Prince, even on one leg, will do his best to lead the way. Or, as we all are waiting to perhaps see sooner than later, Hundley steps up. He didn’t come across the desert months before h.s. graduation to ooh and ahh over Brehaut’s baseball skills.
    That’s it. Plain and simple. Brehaut can go play ping-pong for all I care and rule the known world in that sport. But let’s not confuse the fact that it would be the first sport he dominates in after high school.

  • Obama eats ice cream while the citizens of Iran actually protesting for freedom are murdered in the streets of Iran, but when the popular uprising leads to shari’a in Egypt and Libya? “The world needs us!”

  • Waste Management

    Sesame Street uotr? You make no sense just like the rest as if an athlete can only “dominate” in one sport. UCLA baseball has become a top 10 power under Coach Savage. Do you think he’d just waste a spot on the team with Brehaut for the hell of it? The people who comment hear remind me of Alice in Wonderland “Off with her head, Off with her head” when it comes to Brehaut. They don’t know him. They don’t know any of these players. They’re just blabbing sitting in front of their computers having no knowledge of the game or of the UCLA personnel. That’s why I say, to hell with these stupid comments like “stick to one sport”, “learn the play book”, “GROW A SET.” All infantile and uninformed comments that add nothing to this blog. That’s why Jon should just eliminate the comments section since they add nothing positive nor informative.

  • Anonymous

    “Iran” redundant

  • Waste, people are frustrated that Brehaut’s dedication to the football program has produced success in . . . baseball.

  • BruinFaithful


    “To be able to play 2 division 1 sports for a major conference, and have a full ride in one of them?”

    Exactly what 2 sports has he played? He rode the pine on the Baseball team. That’s right, he didn’t play in one single game and he only started on the FB team because our starting QB came up lame.

    Waste Management:

    It’s not just the people on here that feel this way. Actually, Rick Neuheisel, the man who matters the most and has the most influence in this matter is NOT happy with Brehaut’s choices and questions his dedication to Football.

    Remember, O’Brien over at NC State, booted Russell Wilson, a MUCH better proven talent for playing Minor League Baseball. I mean, that kid has All America and Heisman Talent. Here are his stats:

    “In his three seasons with the Wolfpack, Wilson threw for 8,545 yards and 76 touchdowns with 26 interceptions.

    In 13 games last season, Wilson completed 58.4 percent of his passes for 3,563 yards with 28 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. Wilson also rushed for 435 yards and nine touchdowns last season.”

    Are you kidding me? Now that kid is a STUD.

    Sure, Brehaut can do what he wants. But Life choices have consequences. So he can reserve the right to play Dominoes or Poker, or whatever else he would like, instead of focusing on FB. However, we also reserve the right to question his dedication and Neu reserves the right to let his kiester sit on the pine, thinking about Baseball.

    I also think you are missing the point here. Nobody here is saying he has to or should only play one Sport. However, maybe, just maybe, he should Master one first before venturing out to another. If you suck at Algebra, maybe you should focus on mastering that first, before registering for Calculus. Make sense?

    Remember, this is a TEAM sport, and he plays the MOST important position. A position that we have failed miserably at. As such, he has other people to answer to. What kind of selfish message do you think this sends his teammates? Don’t you think his teammates might be questioning his leadership? A true leader, would be calling his teammates up. The Lineman, Receivers, and RB’s, all summer. Bugging them to come out and work on plays, chart plays out, etc. Not freaken playing Baseball.

    I have been a HUGE supporter of Brehaut. Go back and look at my posts. This kid has been given EVERY opportunity to OWN this team, to LEAD it. And what has he done? How many times has Jon said, that in spite of Prince’s arm and physical short comings, that he is the favored player because of his presence and leadership skills? Think about it.

    BTW, all those players you mentioned are All American, Heisman, and Hall of Fame quality players. They are unique and very special individuals who have EARNED the right and RESPECT to be able to diversify their athletic interests. Let me know when Brehaut is in that category.

  • Anonymous

    Why u guys getting worked up? The team will be terrible again, just accept it. This program will continue to struggle @ QB position another two yrs.

  • Rich is a great athlete, you all need to stop hating on the kid. He made the Baseball team, a team that was #1 ranked in the nation when the season began.

  • @bruin faithful, get f*****g life.

  • BruinFaithful


    Thank you for demonstrating the depth of your ignorance and lack of intelligence with your post.

    My post was very succinct and poignant. If you want to engage in an intelligent discussion and dissect anything I said, fine. No need for trivial and pointless personal attacks. Or as Ocho Cinco would say, “CHILD PLEASE”!!!!