Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Was Alterraun Verner allowed to work out with the football team while he was on campus? Did he get to help coach our DBs at all? – BruinADub
I’m sure Verner did some unofficial stuff with the DBs, but only on their own time. Still, a valuable resource on how to handle yourself and pretty much the ultimate role model for a young college athlete.

2) Jon, I saw an interview with Coach Johnson where he talked about the QB’s taking it upon themselves to go out and throw a 1,000 passes for each route everyday to develop muscle memory recall. Do you know if the QB’s have been doing this? Especially before the PRP’s started. – Dave
One thousand passes for EACH route every day? That’s an insanely high amount. I don’t know that anyone in the world would do even half that.

3) Bruins goal to break top 100 in total offense this year, or trying to keep the streak alive? – Anonymous
They will be better than 100 in Total offense.

4) Now that Adams committed and ESPN recruiting having Shaq, Shabazz, and Ashley high on the BRUINS. Who do you think will follow? Hopefully we can add a Rose to the list. I’m also hearing “rumors” on Shabazz. Any truth to that? – kennyj
No that seemed to be a bogus website, but Muhammad is defintely interested in UCLA and so are the others. But I don’t think any of the three have an exact time-table.

5) I’m hearing Jaydon Mickens and Jordan Payton are not going to SUC. Can we get them? We could really use some weapons for Hundley – kennyj
Neither has mentioned UCLA in recent interviews, so I think it would take a really good season for the Bruins to open their eyes.

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  • Anonymous

    LOL@1000. In baseball, a 100 pitch count is a full day. How on earth could anyone do 1000 passes.