Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) In your opinion, do you see any new four- or five-star football recruits committing to the Bruins in the next month or two? I know it is early, but I wanted your perspective. Thanks! – Sunset Bruin
I would be surprised if that happened before the season begins to unfold. I think UCLA can open a lot of eyes with a good start, and a lot of those eyes are completely shut right now. College football is fickle: It’s not going to take a 12-0 season to change minds, but it will take a good start.

2) do you ever get tired of covering ucla and answering the same questions year after year, just with different names and stats? what would you do if you decided to do something else? – BruininSeattle
Interesting question. I don’t think I’m a natural beat writer, in terms of the specific qualities and focuses that a beat writer should possess. I’ve always been more into feature and column-writing, and I think it’s reflected in my writing, which often is too dramatic for the occasion. But I honestly can’t really help it, and it’s just who I am. So am I tired of covering “UCLA?” Not specifically. And I’m surprised by how excited for the upcoming season I am, because with baseball going so far last year, I was pretty worn out for even my down-time. But I know I’m not a Brian Dohn – he is an excellent beat writer and thought like one – and I don’t really try to be, because it will never happen.

3) Any news on Jerry Rice Jr? Haven’t heard anything about him. – BruinRogue
Not really any news on him; the wide receiver position, though under new hands, is still seeming status quo when it comes to the rotation, and I can’t imagine much playing time for him.

4) Your house is on the line. Do we beat Texas at home? – captainqtp
Ask me this again on August 12th and I’ll answer you.

5) Not really a question but Jacob Ruffman is a boss. He’s a nice addition to the blog. Good call on that one. – Anonymous
I was begging for months to bring Jacob aboard as a recruiting supplement, because he’s very, very into recruiting in a way that I am not nor have time for. Hopefully his contributions can become even more regular, and I look forward to him helping us out with high school sports coverage as well. He’s an assistant editor at the Daily Bruin, and they continue to provide great coverage from Sam Strong, Ryan Menezes and Ryan Eshoff, who are covering football next year.

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  • UCLA Fan

    I tend to agree…

    Jon, you don’t seem to put enough content daily on the blog. Sometimes several days without new content.

    NOW, if they are paying you so that this is far from a full time job, then I would understand. If this is true, it might be good to clarify so people’s expectations can be managed appropriately.

  • hogsman

    Jon, the majority of us readers think you do a fine job and are thankful for the FREE source of info. People tend to forget that you’ve improved this blog by introducing new features, such as video interviews and podcasts. Maybe you could also add game highlights on a regular basis? Keep up the good work.

  • BruinRogue

    Thanks. Would’ve been sweet to field both Barry Sanders Jr. and Jerry Rice Jr. on the same team. Wishful thinking of course.

  • UCLA Fan, Thank you for being civil. It is the offseason, and there is less news to cover. I am also given extensive time off during the offseason to make up for six and seven-day work weeks when I cover fall camp, the football season, the basketball season, the baseball season, the spring football season and the baseball playoffs. Last year I worked from the end of July through the end of June without a meaningful break. I don’t think it’s my job to tell people when I’m gone. I read other blogs, and they don’t do it. During the season, I will have post-practice updates, video interviews, a feature per week, spontaneous columns, recruiting news, in-depth stories and of course, my regular work for the Los Angeles Daily News, the newspaper that I work for. I don’t just write for a blog. I’m working on other non-UCLA features right now, because my bosses also understand that I am a feature writer by trade, and they appreciate that as well. Again, thank you for reading, and for your civility.

  • The Blur

    Readers need to have an appreciation for how much work Jon does. Look at the times and days of the week some of the posts come up. While most of us are lounging on our couches in the evenings and weekends, jonesing for UCLA info, Jon’s actually out there getting and posting it.

    Jon doesn’t come to your job and heckle you, so don’t do it to him.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Jon, maybe you could round out the content issue with some posts about the weddings you attend, some fashion pointers and maybe a picture or two. Restaurant reviews would be nice also, maybe by region and menu type (barbeque, Mexican, Italian, comfort, etc). A calorie chart would be good.

  • Mikey R, there’s not a spreadsheet in the world that could handle my calorie chart.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Cummerbund or vest?

  • Your Jewish Mother

    Speaking of weddings, when are you going to get married?

    This is nisht gut, you know. I’m going to die having never been a grandmother…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    You are such a slacker, Jon. I mean, from 1,009 miles away, even my news of the Bruins is way … hey, wait a minute. Please keep it flowing, sir.

  • Sunset Bruin

    Thanks for your answer above, Jon. The recap you and Jacob provided a week ago helped as well. Obviously, bringing in top flight recruits this year will depend on the Bruins’ success on the field.

  • Sunset Bruin


    I agree with hogsman above. Many of us appreciate the fine job you do. I also liked your comment regarding your writing style. That helps to better understand the nature of your blog.

  • AJ

    If I might make a suggestion for when you are experiencing blog downtime; how about just posting a few links that we might find interesting. I know it’s not good blog business to send your readers to another site, but if you want to become a one stop shop for all things Bruin, linking stories from the Daily Bruin, ESPN, Fox, SI, and others would be a nice way to do it I think. It would be especially useful during slow periods like this.

    I like the style you’ve brought to the blog, but a little more content wouldn’t hurt either.