Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • KolbAte10Eggs

    Hi Jon,

    What’s the status of former BYU gridder Colin Keoshian? A Utah reporter said that he may be coming to Ucla, but a SoCal publication said that Ucla had no room for him and that he’s heading to College of the Canyons. But we just made room for Jamie Graham. What’s the scoop? Thanks.


  • Rico Bruin

    Jon can you enlighten me on Kai Maiva.
    I keep reading where he is on all of these watch lists for lineman. I do not consider myself an O Line expert by any means, but I have never seen anything special about him. I actually thought Ryan Taylor was an upgrade last year.

    Love to hear your take on it.

    PS Who has Hotter Chicks ASU or USB ??

  • Alex

    Love the work you do, John. Wondering how you think JetSki is gonna fare this year. Judging from his workouts and such, do you think he could live up to his “watch-list” status?

  • dave

    what will it take for the admin to fire DG? he’s had two horrible football HC hires, the non-revenue sports are down and the whole program seems to be drifting towards irrelevance. he appears to be living off of his lucky Howland hire (after others turned him down) and the fact that he’s in with the bigs at the NCAA HQ. what will it take to free ourselves of his reign of error? thanks

  • Bob

    Currently how many football scholarships does UCLA have available to offer incoming players for 2012?

  • Mt Hermon

    Do you consider the Nikki Caldwell hiring to be a good hire or a bad hire? She didn’t last long, but she elevated the program.

  • Reasonable Bruin

    Guerrero takes a lot of heat, and in some cases, rightfully so. He’s obviously done very good things in terms of growing the athletic dept as a business, however, there’s no denying the on-field short comings of the bread-and-butter sports. It seems like keeping Guerrero on as ‘CEO’ of the business part of the job would be wise while bringing in more of a general manager to oversee the major sports. To your knowledge, do any big-time programs have such an arrangement, and do you think something like that could work at UCLA?

  • TruBruin

    Jon, have you or anyone out there in the recruiting world taken the time to rework the Bruins recruiting numbers for the last couple years, removing the players that are no longer with the program. It seems that the majority of the highly touted players have not stayed in the program and my numbers say we arent in the top 25 after removing those players. Also, how long before we might see Sua Filo’s name on the recruiting list? Has he eliminated the Bruins?

  • Anonymous

    Is the football team gettin new uniforms that’s the rumor on one of the bruin boards? They said something about white pants and white helmets. Thanks go bruins!

  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon since we want to have multiple looks for our defense what do you think about a 3-4 package with Jones, Marsh, and Chandler up front Owa, Zumwalt, Larimore, kendricks as lb and Hester, Price, Dye, and Riley? Could owa play rush lb? And is there any player who might fit better in that scheme that I left out?

  • Anonymous

    Who does Jacob Ruffman work for, Daily Bruins, Daily News, Daily Planet, News of the World, or Franklin & Bash?

  • Anonymous

    You often mention blitzing vs “smart” blitzing. Not to ask you to call our our departed DC, but can you give some examples of different ways we had not smart blitzing last year?

  • 909Bruin

    of all the kids who have committed to UCLA and CRN, but never made it on campus (either decommitted or kicked out or whatever) which 1 or 2 kids are we missing out on the most?

  • rejn

    Should Dan Guerrero be on the HOTTEST of Hot Seats considering how he must have signed off on the contract extension for Norm Chow, and then watched Chow leave while collecting $500,000 on the way out? Who gave the final approval for this move?

    Sure, it was Neuheisels desire to kick Chow out, but at the same time, if Rick knew that Guerrero would go for it, and that’s what RN wanted to do, then why should Neeuheisel take all the heat for that bone head move? If a boss lets his employees get away with this stuff, then why wouldn’t they try and do it? Someone must have told Rick that this would be acceptable. Who was that person?

  • Daniel

    Jon, during fall ball last year (football of course) Malcolm Jones seemed to be in the headlines quite often and he was noted as breaking quite a few tackles. Has he fallen off a little bit? Or are we just seeing an “unexpected” surge by Jordon James? Can you also give us your take on the receiver breakdown including the strengths and weaknesses of Embree, Rosario, Carroll, Marvray, Smith, Evans, Johnson, and how does Anthony Barr’s speed compare to the receivers above? I personally think that this year Shaq Evans, Randall Carroll, and Anthony Barr will be pivotal to creating a more dynamic passing game because of their big play ability. What do you think? Oh and last but not least, where does Damien Thigpen fit into the offense?

  • Bob

    Start Orton? Start Tebow? Trade Orton?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, as a USC fan I have always respected UCLA as a great academic institution with a great student body (I know god forbid a USC fan compliments UCLA), why has UCLA had trouble securing top notch football recruits wheareas in basketball it is the opposite? Coaching, basketball school vs. football school mentality, academics, location (South LA vs. Westwood)? Thank you in advance.

  • BigLefty


    Can you provide a list of the recruited walk-ons that will show up when camp opens