Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Jon, have you or anyone out there in the recruiting world taken the time to rework the Bruins recruiting numbers for the last couple years, removing the players that are no longer with the program. It seems that the majority of the highly touted players have not stayed in the program and my numbers say we arent in the top 25 after removing those players. Also, how long before we might see Sua Filo’s name on the recruiting list? Has he eliminated the Bruins? – TruBruin
Every school has attrition, so looking back and evaluating isn’t an exact science. But yes, subtracting Aundre Dean, EJ Woods, Milton Knox, Antwon Moutra, Morrell Presley, Stan Hasiak, Marlon Pollard, Nik Abele, Taniela Maka, Josh Shirley, Paul Richardson and Shaq Richardson since 2008 definitely lowers the ratings. Rgarding Su’a-Filo, what are you talking about? What recruiting lists?

2) When I renewed my season tickets they said UCLA doesn’t have a media guide available to purchase any more. Why is that? – Anonymous
UCLA Media Guides are no longer being printed, but it can be downloaded on the website.

3) What happened with Kyle Lewis? Why did he bail on the Bruins? – BruinADub
From what I understand, academics were the big issue.

4) Hey Jon since we want to have multiple looks for our defense what do you think about a 3-4 package with Jones, Marsh, and Chandler up front Owa, Zumwalt, Larimore, kendricks as lb and Hester, Price, Dye, and Riley? Could owa play rush lb? And is there any player who might fit better in that scheme that I left out? – Anonymous
The problem is finding an over-center defensive tackle, and I don’t know that UCLA has that. Marsh and others are more 4-3 capable than 3-4 – UCLA doesn’t really have that wide body you need to execute it properly – but that doesn’t mean they can’t toy with it every so often. I need to see more of Owa on the defensive line before I can envision him as a linebacker hybrid.

5) Question about last years hoops team scholarship situation…basketball allows 13…Laz, Anderson, Wear x 2, Reeves, Lamb, Stover, Lee, Honeycutt, Lane, JSmith…thats 11, who took up the last 2? – UCLA3
Blake Arnet was given a scholarship last season, and I believe UCLA had one spot open.

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  • mike04

    What happened to Derrick Bryant?

  • Anonymous

    ^seconded. I’m totally unaware of anything regarding Bryant. When did this happen?

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for subpart football.

  • Anonymous

    In the mean time, at least we can enjoy subpar spelling. BLEHHHH

  • crispy

    i think jon gold does a great job. there, i said it. i love coming to this blog and its free. it also makes me want to read the daily news more. jon, keep on truckin.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: A lineup w/o Westgate?