• futurebruin13

    Nice Interview. Hopefully Carroll has a big season! That would be the ultimate validation of his “change”

  • bruinbiochem06

    “cause that n***a Chow don’t be trusting us…” LOL
    All joking aside, I really look forward to watching Randall catching that deep ball and making plays in open space. All the reports from practice seem encouraging. Keep at it Randall!

    Go Bruins!!!

  • Trolls Get a Life!

    Damn i’m glad Chow is gone, it looks like RC feels the same way. I feel bad for Utah…

  • Brock

    Wow. Hearing Carroll talk about chow like that kind of validates what a lot of people were thinking about chow being so vanilla and boring. Guess the true measuring stick will be this season and if the offense has any kind if explosion.

  • BruinFaithful

    We’ll see. Maybe you need the lay off the F’n booze and not show up to practice and games hung over. There’s a thought.

    Maybe if people keep telling you, you haven’t changed and they haven’t noticed, it’s because you HAVEN’T.

    “How proud are you of yourself?” You kidding me. We’re giving awards now for having the right attitude, not partying and being responsible? WOW???? Maybe once, he actually has some results on the field, he should be proud of himself.

    Maybe the problem is this whole BS me I’m ultra special Millenial Attitude, as profiled on 60 Minutes.


    Damn, Jon asks the LONGEST questions.

  • Faithful, calm down.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting stuff about Coach Johnson and how he has helped Carroll and also the stuff at the end regarding Chow!

  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait for another glorious season of elite flag football.

  • Jon, do you think UCLA might be considering to use Carroll in the Kickoff returns? being that he has improved alot in making cuts, understanding football better, etc. etc.

  • BruinGeee

    Faithful is a disgrace and clearly doesn’t understand the maturation process that many people go through probably because he/she never went through it.