Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • BruinADub

    Jon, some of my family and my friends have been bashing the Bruin football team for years and I continue to defend them. I’m more optimistic going into this season than I have been since Neuheisel came to Westwood. What’s my best argument?

  • BruinADub

    It would appear that Bruin basketball is a hot team on the recruiting trail this season (after a few years of being not hot). How much of this can be attributed to a long overdue recognition of Howland’s player development skills (aka the UCLA factor) and how much goes to changes in the coaching staff?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, I think that the number of fans at the Rosebowl to watch the games will be at an all time low. Is there any plan going forward to try and get more people in the seats (besides winning)?

  • Anonymous

    Very open ended question, but what has been UCLA football’s biggest improvement this past offseason? Where does UCLA still need to improve on the most? (Coaching? Passing game? Physical makeup of players? Morale? Chemistry? Etc.). Thanks Jon.

  • 909Bruin

    of all the kids who have committed to UCLA and CRN, but never made it on campus (either decommitted or kicked out or whatever) which 1 or 2 kids are we missing out on the most?

  • UCLA Bruin11

    Jon, what are your thoughts on Lamb’s development as he makes the all-important jump from freshman to sophomore? Can he be the lockdown 2-guard we have seen in the past with Afflalo, Westbrook, and Lee, and will there be any offensive production out of him…or is he fated to lose the 2 spot to Norman Powell, hyped as the “second coming of Russell Westbrook”??

  • UCLA Bruin11

    Sure UCLA has a pipeline at Mater Dei, but which of their players has produced at the college bball level…Tyler Lamb hasn’t shown any of the production or potential he demonstrated in high school. Can we say the same for the Wear Twins?? Neither showed much at UNC their frosh year. Why is it that Mater Dei players never seem to pan out recently, except maybe Miles Simon for AZ years ago??

  • Ley

    Great Article on Ben Howland on CBS Sports Today. Here ya go Jon. http://www.cbssports.com/#!/collegebasketball

  • localbruin

    Both of our venues are under construction. Is this a rebuilding year?

  • localbruin

    Has Memphis ever apologized to us for cheating with Derek Rose a few years ago? Should we demand an apology and hang it in the new Pauley?

  • localbruin

    Biggest Dunce: Matt Leinart, Andrew Luck? Please use an illustration in your answer.

  • bruin99

    What are your thoughts on Orange County bball players? For a number of years there’s been talk that they don’t live up to expectations considering a lot of the accolades they receive in high school. Some players that come to mind: Chris Burgess, Cherokee Parks, Eric Chenowith, Shea Cotton, Olujimi Mann. I can’t really think of any OC players that succeeded in the NBA for bball but fball there seems to be quite a few. On the other hand, LA bball players that are ranked at the same level as these OC players out of high school seem to do much better. Thoughts?

  • The Blur

    We gettin’ Shabazz or what?

  • ucla ex-dormie

    I know you are a great sports writer and not the LA Weekly food writer of the same or similar name, but I still appreciate your occasional culinary commentary here. So, a couple of years ago the football staff had In-and-Out trucks next to Spaulding field after the last Spring practice, for the team. If you could pick 3 food trucks to show up after the Aug. 20 scrimmage, which would you choose, for yourself, for the team, for the fans? Thanks for the great work BTW.

  • ucla ex-dormie

    OK, question 2: If you watch the players warming up before practice or a game, some of them are quite limber and others are surprisingly stiff. Just one example, sitting down with the legs straight in front, it looks like some have a hard time touching their toes and others don’t at all. It does not seem to correlate to player’s size.

    How much value does the coaching staff place on physical flexibility compared to brute strength? What about the players? Are they too busy “getting strong” and are they stiffening up and making themselves more prone to injury?

  • BruinBall

    Lindy’s magazine ranked UCLA last in the Pac-12 in receivers, but it seems almost a forgone conclusion that Embree, Rosario and Harkey are going to start. Is there a real competition for these spots (from who?) or are we going with the same old guys as last season?

  • BruinGeee

    Can you give a rundown of each coach and what they have done to make this off-season so ‘different’?

    If you had to bet your house, wife, kids, and genitalia on UCLA getting more than 5 wins would you do it?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, is Jonathan Franklin a Junior or Senior? I’ve heard and read reports stating both. I figured he redshirted in 2008, played 2009 and 2010, and is now a RS Jr? Or is he a true Sr? Also, if he is a Jr, and has a monster season, do you think he bolts early? You’d have to if the numbers make sense…

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/ucla Jon Gold

    Johnathan Franklin is a redshirt junior.

  • Wyatt

    Man, what happened to Kai Forbath? Dude went from best kicker in the country to…not even an also ran. Lucky junior season? Bad senior campaign? What?

  • David Kirk

    Hey Jon, Want to tell you excellent question to Neu at the end of the luncheon interview. I like how you cornered him on the question regarding Brehaut’s stat’s being better and the fact that Brehaut led all of fall camp last year only to have the job handed to Prince. I sort of felt him squirm when you challenged him if that was going to happen again, and “if” Brehaut “really” had an equal shot. That situation LY was always BS to me. So sitting there at the table what do you “really” think he means. Is he blowing hot air about giving Brehaut a shot? Do you really think it could happen? Have you asked Brehaut if he thinks he knows all he should or all that Neu expects him to know? I would like to know how Brehauts feels about Neu commentting that he “needs to know 100% versus only 80%?

  • Armand

    My 10 year old plays Pop Warner and we hired a guy to scout the other teams. He gave us some material – videos and the contact info for all the team mothers of all the other teams in the league. Unfortunately, the list was from 2009 and one of the mothers was even decesased. Well, we paid him, and as a result found a great kid who he happened to be mentoring and happened to bring by a few of our practices and who happened to be moving into out neighborhood. Really, as innocent as that. Problem is, some of the other teams are raising a stink. Any suggestions for a good lawyer?


    Confused Coach

  • Anonymous

    Quick prediction on UCLA final record?