Jefferson gone for season

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel confirmed that redshirt freshman cornerback Anthony Jefferson would probably miss the season after impending back surgery to fix a bulging disc.

Jefferson, who missed nine games last season after a promising freshman year was cut short by a broken foot, would’ve provided much-needed depth behind Aaron Hester and Sheldon Price. Particularly with the loss of Courtney Viney to New Mexico State, the loss of Jefferson is a big one.

The Bruins will be looking at veteran Andrew Abbott, incoming Vanderbilt fifth-year transfer Jamie Graham, Brandon Sermons and Anthony Thompson as backups, with Tony Dye able to slide over on occasion if needed.

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  • BruinFaithful

    It just keeps getting better!!!!

    How is it possible that ONE school can have SO many injuries at positions of need?

    This is a huge loss. Jefferson is a stud. A big talented corner. You can’t teach size.

    This is probably why we took the kid from Vandy.

  • Blue1Gold

    Noooooooo!!!!!!! C’mon this is getting absurd….Such a shame. I met this kid on the flight back from his recruiting trip to Cal last year. Good kid. He will be a fine corner given the opportunity. Just wish the injury gods would give him (and the team) a breather from the injuries.

  • hicalliber

    think Viney regrets transferring? How could he not look at that depth chart and feel like he was going to get some PT? Just crazy.

  • hicalliber

    correction: how could he feel like he was NOT going to get some PT?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Suddenly Jamie Graham looks a lot better. I, personally, thought he was a nice addition all along, now though he looks like a steal.

  • ucla34

    Absurd! Astonishing! Mind boggling! Just, wow! I mean what can you say? How can anyone blame Rick for the lack of success with all these injuries the last few years! Don’t get me wrong. You still gotta win games but this is just becoming an absolute plague! I can’t remember another school having so majy injuries. I know we got Rid of CD Coach “Doc Kries” and got Mike Linn. I just don’t understand. Bad enough that Dorrell left us no talent. But add injuries to it the last 3 years and no wonder why we are where we are. No wonder Rick isn’t really on the hot seat. I pray we stay mostly healthy the rest of the year. I’m picking us to go 9-3 or 8-4, but maybe even better. Go Bruins! and may the lord keep us healthy the rest of the way!

  • The Lord

    Huh? Me? I’m a Notre Dame fan. You guys are on your own…

  • miguelito

    Hey Pile,
    it says 6 weeks now.