Prince to get first-team reps to start camp

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel said that junior quarterback Kevin Prince would get the first-team reps at the onset of fall camp as he was the team’s starter before being injured last season.

Prince was restricted in spring ball after recovering from in-season knee surgery with most of the first-team reps going to Richard Brehaut, but Prince’s knee is 100-percent healed and he has had full range of motion for quite some time.

Neither quarterback performed well last season as the Bruins tumbled down the national passing ratings. Brehaut was marginally better in his nine appearances (seven starts), completed 119-of-212 passes for 1,296 yards, with six touchdowns and seven interceptions. In five starts, Prince was 42-of-94 for 384 yards and three touchdowns and five interceptions before being lost for the season after a 35-7 loss to Cal.

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  • INawe

    What I thought was bigger news was that Hundley had a torn meniscus from playing basketball. We just can’t win at the QB spot.

  • Anonymous

    Ridiculous. Even when healthy, Prince was terrible! He has no pocket presence or ability to quickly scan defenses. He’s a nervous wreck out there.

    Maybe Brehaut is not the leader Prince is off the field, but at least he can drop, make a read and throw a spiral down field.

  • Ley

    Dang, both those comments are totally correct, although I here Prince is the greatest PRACTICE QB there is when nobody can hit him???

  • Anonymous

    Prince better leader on the field too.

    This speaks to more about how weak they think Richard must be…, can beat Prince coming off knee injury.

    Both would not start in most BXS conferences

  • samohopar

    I don’t understand how anybody can watch Brehaut play and claim he’s better than a healthy Prince. Just ridiculous. And no, none of you know better than UCLA’s coaches.

  • Anonymous

    1. “Maybe Brehaut is not the leader Prince is off the field, but at least he can drop, make a read and throw a spiral down field.” BAHAHAHA. What? I would give maybe the first part a chance of being true. Making a read and throwing a spiral? Not sure what you watched last year.

    2. John I think it’s unfair to say Brehaut performed better last season because you are ignoring QB rushing, which is a huge part of the effectiveness of the pistol. Prince was a much better runner, and Brehaut wasn’t even seen as a threat in that regard for much of his time playing. Would that have made up the difference in passing? Who knows. But Brehaut also got more opportunities to throw in a more open offense when things started to get desperate as we kept losing and Chow agreed to open up the play book a bit, so they are two hard cases to compare.

  • danny

    Prince would be all-world if he had Stanford’s o-line. Moral of the story: Luck gets a ton of credit behind the best line in the country, Prince gets a ton of blame behind one of the worst.

  • Anonymous

    I listened to Rick speak at media day and he was quoted: “Kevin deserves the first team reps because he missed all of spring ball, but Richard is right there with him.” To me this does not mean that either of them is the starter. It appears that Rick is simply trying to give Kevin a fare chance complete since they have new coordinators and so forth. Let’s wait until fall camp to see how things pan-out.

    We can all remember 2007/2008 when both Olson and Cowan got hurt. We all hope KP and/or RB can stay healthy, especially since BH is out for 3-4 weeks (which is really 4-6 weeks).

    Who would you rather have as a back-up to KP?

    Who would you rather have as a back-up to RB?

    Let’s really support the success of both KP and RB. What if they both get hurt during camp and we had rely on NC and DB who are both untested?

  • dmc

    I dont think UCLA would have beaten Texas without Prince. The pistol was the key to that game. That was also the signature win of the season, despite UT’s struggles.

  • Anonymous

    Neuheisel did not say that Kevin Prince would receive the first team repS upon the opening of fall camp. He responded to your question by clarifying that KP deserved the very first snap with the first team because he was the starter before he got hurt. He then went on to say that the QB position would be a battle and both KP and RB would be in there. He did not indicate any of them would get more first team reps than the other, which is what your post is implying.

  • Anonymous

    Actually what have coaches done for u to be so fond of them? Since no better than 8th place, we can question how they like coffee.

    Remember, coffee is for closers….well, they ain’t.

  • BruinFaithful

    Remember all you NIMRODS who gave me a hard time for criticizing Brehaut and his decision to play Baseball. Well, guess who has been vindicated?

    If you guys really believe that CRN is giving Prince the 1st teams Reps because he was the starter before her got hurt, well, you haven’t been paying attention.

    I told you guys, Rick is pissed with how Brehaut has handled himself and his opportunity. He is pissed, that he went and played Baseball instead of focusing on getting better and becoming a leader. A few players on the team have also lost respect for Brehaut because of it. I have this information from players on the team and other sources. So believe what you want to, but I told you so.

  • ley

    WOW, has everyone completley forgot what they have seen in actual games regarding PRINCE….Even when he has had plenty of time he over throws the back on a screen or has the tight end completeley wide open 10 yards over the middle and throws behind him. They should just call him Happy feet. No Way he should have the primary reps and we are doomed for a 4-8 season with him at the helm of this offense!!!!(P.S. all he did at Texas was hand off the ball and i traveled to Austin for that one!)

  • Anonymous

    Yo mamma told us!

  • BruinFaithful


    Yes, unfortunately, I remember how bad Prince has been. Sadly, Brehaut, overall, is even worse and has decided to not make Football his number one priority. So what is CRN to do? Hopefully, Brehaut will finally wake up and be the leader he needs to be. Otherwise, I hope we see the QB formerly known as Prince, on the field this year.

  • Ley

    I guess we will go down fighting and at least our Defense and ground game look promising. Go Bruins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its like a bad dream. šŸ™

  • BruinFaithful


    Really? I didn’t know that. I thought he wanted to play our crappiest QB and develop him for the next coaching staff.

  • ley

    we are playing him and have also developed this minor league QB for the past couple of years. Time for a change, but I guess we will have to wait till Hundley is healed???

  • Anonymous

    amen!when are people going to realize that Kevin is a good qb and his offensive linemen suck!why do you think he was injured so many times nobody protected him and the only reason that Brehaut has a better passing yards record is because he cant run and kevin can

  • no worries

    Prince has victories over TX, Tenn and Temple. What are Richard’s signature wins? For Prince, the issue is health. Kevin was torching Washington at the Rose Bowl through the air couple of years ago. All he needs to do is remain healthy.

  • Ley

    Actually Prince completed only a couple of passes in that game before being KNOCKED OUT by a helmet to helmet hit because he doesnt no how to slide or look for a secondary receiver. You might as well call him radar the way he locks on to ONLY the primary then panics. Craft actually had a great passing game to lead them to victory!!!

  • dmc

    How are you gonna blame a kid for getting hit on his helmet on a dirty play???? I saw a 15-yard penalty on that play, didn’t you?

    QBs, like point guards, typically mature alot by the time they are upperclassmen. Prince was just a sophomore last year. I think it’s pretty tough to judge a kid who is thrust into that position before he is ready, behind a makeshift line, with receivers that can neither get separation nor catch the ball.