• BruinFaithful

    Finally, somebody said it. I LOVE this kid. This is the kind of mindset we need. If somebody falls, another brother is there to pick him up. This attitude needs to permeate from the top. The upper classmen need to lead not only by example, but through fear if necessary. If you don’t get with the program, the message needs to be loud and clear, you will be dealt with or left behind. Too much softness going on these days. This is FB for God Sakes.

    I remember growing up, the Seniors set the tone. If you messed around during practice. You would be dealt with in the locker room, and/or passed over. By the time I was a Senior, the tone was set. That’s how winning programs develop, from the leadership at the top. They regulate themselves and deal with their problems in house.

  • futurebruin13

    Love the attitude, hoping for a HUGE season out of Franklin.

  • Timothy

    WOW. Someone who gets it. I’m amazed by the way that I’ve seen the players interviewed so much more mature and focused this year, but Franklin in particular is just knock your socks off clear that he knows the players just need to perform, and demand that out of each other. He also is proud to be a face for UCLA, and is passionate about representing that. I loved especially his line “We gotta play every week like we’re nobodies, like we’re nothing, that we’ve got something to prove.” Jon, you’ve been talking about needing guys who are sold out to play football for UCLA, it sounds to me like Jonathan gets that. Now if the rest of the team could just pick it up…