Rahim Moore signs with Denver

Quick note: Denver Broncos executive vice president (and greatest quarterback in the history of history) John Elway went on Twitter earlier today to announce the signing of former UCLA safety Rahim Moore. The specifics of the contract are unknown.

Moore should have a good shot at starting once he gets caught up to speed.

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  • Anonymous

    “Greatest quarterback in the history of history”? Am I sensing a little broncos-bias, Jon?

    Certainly the greatest QB to put on the Broncos uniform, but I can think of a few others whom you could make a strong argument were better quarterbacks than the great Mr. Elway. Montana, Unitas, Starr…


    I guess he forgot Bart Starr won five NFL championships, more than any other QB in history.

  • Coach Thom

    Jon…remember ‘The Drive’? 98 yards in the play-off game with the Browns for a last-second victory? Yes…Number 7 was possibly the best QB in the history of history. But, I think Sammy Baugh fans, or Otto Graham fans, or even Payton Manning fans might argue with us. Who cares!? Go Broncos! Go Tim Tebow! Go John Fox!!

  • Anonymous

    Meh, this blog’s about college football, he’s welcome to pick his team in the NFL, especially when he does it so playfully.

  • Anon

    I agree with most everyone….no need to get riled up.

    In fact, as I was reading his parenthetical comment, I was imagining it coming out like that voice in MMA, or in the movie promos, “AND now……the GREATEST quarterback of ALL TIME….”

  • 5-Hole

    I think a part of the sentence got left out…the greatest quarterback in the history of history not named after a state’ might be more accurate. but dam good that’s for sure.

  • Jimmy

    Jonny, what are your honest thoughts on Rahim Shaheed? Do you think he starts? How well will his “tackling technique” hold up against the run?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    You all would love the way they are drooling over Moore out here. The other day, I even heard: “What a surprising hitter this kid is, too …”
    OK, I don’t know about that, but you get the idea here.

  • Ley

    Akeem Ayers; The Tennessee Titans website is reporting he has signed a four year contract (hey Jon what are you hearing).