Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) L.J. Rose or Dominic Artis? – Anonymous
Just from watching film, Artis is more my style. He’s looks good in the half-court, and he has the right kind of energy and swagger. I’m big on swagger, particularly at the point guard position. The ideal temperment is a mix of wanting to take the shot with the game on the idea while LOVING to make the right pass. Some players seem to really thrive on the set-up, and the key is to rein them in when they go astray. But based on that, I say Artis.

2) Covering Bruin football, do you get the sense that players and people associated with the football program favor either Prince or Brehaut as the starting QB for the upcoming season? Or are they as ambivalent as the fans? – txbruin
I’ve actually been very surprised by the unity in this regard. Players, especially wideouts, have toed the line very carefully in interviews even going back to last year, and there hasn’t been a ton of dissension in the ranks. I get the vibe that they’re just waiting to see which one emerges out of fall camp, and if it’s a healthy Prince, it’s a healthy Price, or if it’s a healthy Brehaut, it’s a healthy Brehaut.

3) I cant think of the kids whom have decommitted in the CRN era, but of those who have can you tell us which decommit has hurt us the most? – 909Bruin
If Josh Shirley counts, I say Shirley. But Brett Nottingham hurts a lot, too; not even his talent, but a quarterback who decommits that late really hamstrings you in trying to get another one.

4) Jon, some of my family and my friends have been bashing the Bruin football team for years and I continue to defend them. I’m more optimistic going into this season than I have been since Neuheisel came to Westwood. What’s my best argument? – BruinADub
The best argument is that the highly rated talent that has been stockpiled over the last year is beginning to come of age. While some of that talent is gone, the 2008-2010 classes were all very highly ranked, and there is a lot of talent left. And the key is, that talent is now in premiere positions and ready and able to contribute.

5) It would appear that Bruin basketball is a hot team on the recruiting trail this season (after a few years of being not hot). How much of this can be attributed to a long overdue recognition of Howland’s player development skills (aka the UCLA factor) and how much goes to changes in the coaching staff? – BruinADub
Both are important, and also that UCLA proved that the 2009-10 season was a blip on the radar. The Korey McCray hire appears to be a good one, at least based on recruiting, and I think Phil Mathews has been really good in that department. But don’t forget the Bruins still need to close it out with their top targets.