Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Jon, I think that the number of fans at the Rosebowl to watch the games will be at an all time low. Is there any plan going forward to try and get more people in the seats (besides winning)? – Anonymous
Really, just winning. Los Angeles sports fans are fickle, but they love winners.

2) Very open ended question, but what has been UCLA football’s biggest improvement this past offseason? Where does UCLA still need to improve on the most? (Coaching? Passing game? Physical makeup of players? Morale? Chemistry? Etc.). – Anonymous

Biggest improvement is in physical makeup, but that goes directly to maturation. Really, the only group that got younger was the offensive line, but you could argue with the return of Maiava and Baca and the growth of Chris Ward that it still got better. UCLA needs to improve most in the passing game, which was almost doomed from the start. I’m eager to see how Mike Johnson and Rick Neuheisel can work on the throw-and-catch fundamentals that failed last year.

3) Jon, what are your thoughts on Lamb’s development as he makes the all-important jump from freshman to sophomore? Can he be the lockdown 2-guard we have seen in the past with Afflalo, Westbrook, and Lee, and will there be any offensive production out of him…or is he fated to lose the 2 spot to Norman Powell, hyped as the “second coming of Russell Westbrook”?? – UCLA Bruin11
I’m hearing a lot of positive hype on Norman Powell from people close to the program, so I think going into the season, it’s going to be a pretty even battle. Defensively, I think Lamb will be fine, if not good, if not really good. The difference between good defense and great defense is just in the focus and the hustle, and if Lamb can deliver that, he’ll be good to go on that end. Offensively, he needs to be more consistent and authoritative. He seems to locate on the floor well, and he works really well off screens, but he needs to shoot the ball, and shoot it better, and maybe those go hand in hand.

4) Sure UCLA has a pipeline at Mater Dei, but which of their players has produced at the college bball level…Tyler Lamb hasn’t shown any of the production or potential he demonstrated in high school. Can we say the same for the Wear Twins?? Neither showed much at UNC their frosh year. Why is it that Mater Dei players never seem to pan out recently, except maybe Miles Simon for AZ years ago?? – UCLA Bruin11
You’re jumping to mighty quick conclusions on guys after just their freshman years, but there is some truth to the idea that some schools have such lofty reputations that players get rated higher and higher. That said, I think the Wears will surprise you this year.

5) Both of our venues are under construction. Is this a rebuilding year? – Localbruin
Try the veal!