Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) We gettin’ Shabazz or what? – The Blur
I think ultimately, yes, but you’ll sweat it out for him. UNLV isn’t going away easily.

2) I know you are a great sports writer and not the LA Weekly food writer of the same or similar name, but I still appreciate your occasional culinary commentary here. So, a couple of years ago the football staff had In-and-Out trucks next to Spaulding field after the last Spring practice, for the team. If you could pick 3 food trucks to show up after the Aug. 20 scrimmage, which would you choose, for yourself, for the team, for the fans? Thanks for the great work BTW. – uclaexdormie
I would pick Big G’s Roadhouse, BorderGrill and Kogi. And now I’m drooling.

3) OK, question 2: If you watch the players warming up before practice or a game, some of them are quite limber and others are surprisingly stiff. Just one example, sitting down with the legs straight in front, it looks like some have a hard time touching their toes and others don’t at all. It does not seem to correlate to player’s size. How much value does the coaching staff place on physical flexibility compared to brute strength? What about the players? Are they too busy “getting strong” and are they stiffening up and making themselves more prone to injury? – ucla ex-dormie
There’s been a bit of a reversal in the NFL starting in the late-90s toward flexibility and agility and away from just pure brute strength. I think it is more of an organizational, or in college, a program philosophy, and I think UCLA puts a decent focus on those qualities, but probably not enough.

4) Lindy’s magazine ranked UCLA last in the Pac-12 in receivers, but it seems almost a forgone conclusion that Embree, Rosario and Harkey are going to start. Is there a real competition for these spots (from who?) or are we going with the same old guys as last season? – BruinBall
Yeah, Randall Carroll and Ricky Marvray are going to get some decent run, and from what I’ve seen out of Shaquelle Evans, he’s ready to contribute. I need to see a healthy Josh Smith to judge if he can be a true threat.

5) Can you give a rundown of each coach and what they have done to make this off-season so ‘different’? If you had to bet your house, wife, kids, and genitalia on UCLA getting more than 5 wins would you do it? – BruinGeee
Not quite getting the first part of your question, and in regards to the second part, I don’t own a home, I’m not married, I have no children, and I value my ********* greatly, so I don’t think I’ll be betting them, but lets just say, yeah, I think UCLA will have more than five wins this season.

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  • Anonymous

    Big G!!!

  • Ley

    I am more concerned about the way Kentucky and Calipari/money will try to persuade Him away!!! (Shabazz) I hope his parents go for Education and a school close enough to where they can see him play??

  • Anonymous

    Education … that’s cute. Shabazz will never get a degree. We can only hope he sticks around for at least two years.

  • Anonymous

    Who says Shabazz will never get a degree? You can stay for 1 year and then apply for re-admission after 20-30 years if you want. There are many people who do that especially after their athletic careers are over.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Wow. Get real. Shabazz gets his degree when Santa Claus does … For this type of player, this has become business-only, anonymous folks.

  • Coach Thom

    I’m trying to think of ANY NBA star that stayed in school to get a degree…or even returned to his school to get a degree. Meadowlark Lemon? Maybe the dude that played center for the Minneapolis Lakers in the 40s…George Miken….I think that was his name. Did Russell, Chamberlain, Robertson, Bob Cousy, or Gail Goodrich get their degrees? I’m real curious about this one.

  • Anonymous

    Are you dumb rockies? There have been tons of athletes who return to school AFTER their athletic days are over. Unless you are Shabazz, you can’t say he will never get a degee.

    Baron Davis was as highly ranked a recruit as Shabazz and guess what he’s back to get his degree after 10+ years.

    Ed O’Bannon just finished his after what…20 years.

    Gaston Green in enrolled after what…30 years and is getting his degree.

    You’d be stupid to waste your prime athletic years and turn down millions just to get a degree that can be earned later.

  • Professor Tomas

    @Coach Thom,

    I’s suggest you take some time off the field or court to do a little research on the new fangled repository of information called the Internet:

    Bill Russell – University of San Francisco (1956) Bill Russell, All-American and a second round NBA pick, went to the Boston Celtics after completing his studies and receiving his college degree in History.

    Oscar Robertson – University of Cincinnati (1960) – Graduated in 1960 with his B.B.A. (Bachelor of Business Administration), as well as being named All-American.

    Bob Cousy – Holy Cross (1950) Earned the All-American title four consecutive years at Holy Cross. In his senior year, the Crusaders won 26 straight games and finished second in the National Invitational Tournament while Cousy managed to receive a double degree in Philosophy and Biology.

    Gail Charles Goodrich Jr. – UCLA (1965) Earned two All-American titles and one B.A. in English. Won two national championships.

    Wilt Chamberlain – University of Kansas (1959), although he didn’t earn a degree from the University of Kansas, he was a member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity, where he was the president of his pledge class in 1956. He also was a research aficionado,
    throughout his life in the academic study of Sexology, where he personally conducted detailed study with over 20,000 female studies.

    FYI –

    Dave Bing – Syracuse (1966) former Detroit Piston, college all-American, and current mayor of the city of Detroit, received his bachelor’s degree in economics.

    James Worthy – University of North Carolina – All-Pro and Hall of Famer, received his degree which playing for the Lakers.

  • MichaelRyerson