Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Jon, is Jonathan Franklin a Junior or Senior? I’ve heard and read reports stating both. I figured he redshirted in 2008, played 2009 and 2010, and is now a RS Jr? Or is he a true Sr? Also, if he is a Jr, and has a monster season, do you think he bolts early? You’d have to if the numbers make sense… – Anonymous
He’s a redshirt junior, and yeah, there’s always a chance, if he truly has a breakout season. Problem is, first-round running backs are no longer in vogue, and it takes a pretty insane season to really jump that high. With the 2012 offensive line projected to be pretty good and the schedule lining up well, he could a real monster season, so it’s probably worth sticking around. Speaking of, I’m thinking the whole Thunder and Lightning nickname with UCLA’s backfield is a little played out. So, seeing as Coleman is a truck…how about…Franklin and BASH (*)?

2) Man, what happened to Kai Forbath? Dude went from best kicker in the country to…not even an also ran. Lucky junior season? Bad senior campaign? What? – Wyatt
There are 32 kicker spots in the NFL. There are at least 115 quarterback spots, 96 running back spots, etc. etc. It’s very difficult to break into that top 32, especially when you’re senior year was plagued with injury and inconsistency.

3) Hey Jon, Want to tell you excellent question to Neu at the end of the luncheon interview. I like how you cornered him on the question regarding Brehaut’s stat’s being better and the fact that Brehaut led all of fall camp last year only to have the job handed to Prince. I sort of felt him squirm when you challenged him if that was going to happen again, and “if” Brehaut “really” had an equal shot. That situation LY was always BS to me. So sitting there at the table what do you “really” think he means. Is he blowing hot air about giving Brehaut a shot? Do you really think it could happen? Have you asked Brehaut if he thinks he knows all he should or all that Neu expects him to know? I would like to know how Brehauts feels about Neu commentting that he “needs to know 100% versus only 80%? – David Kirk
I think the handling of the quarterback position last year led to the team’s collapse, and I do wonder what’s going to happen next season. I like Kevin Prince. I like Richard Brehaut. They are two good kids, and they treat the media with respect and honesty. I’m not picking a side or trying to create controversy. But given the way they handled the situation last year, something just seemed…off…and I am genuinely curious to see how it unfolds going into fall camp. To answer your question, I have no idea how it’s going to play out.

4) My 10 year old plays Pop Warner and we hired a guy to scout the other teams. He gave us some material – videos and the contact info for all the team mothers of all the other teams in the league. Unfortunately, the list was from 2009 and one of the mothers was even decesased. Well, we paid him, and as a result found a great kid who he happened to be mentoring and happened to bring by a few of our practices and who happened to be moving into out neighborhood. Really, as innocent as that. Problem is, some of the other teams are raising a stink. Any suggestions for a good lawyer?Sincerely,
Confused Coach – Confused Coach

I hear Franklin and Bash are available {come on…that was just too easy…I feel like that was a Stockton-esque set-up…still…(*)}

5) Quick prediction on UCLA final record? – Anonymous
Everyone healthy at every key position, massive upgrades in play at wide receiver, defensive line and quarterback, major luck and generic bad luck for opponents, 8-4. Everyone healthy at every key position and a few breaks, 7-5. Major injuries at key positions, 5-7. Probably 6-6 with a bowl berth.

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  • Anonymous

    Brehaut will never be THE quarterback of choice for Neuheisel. He single handedly booted over a winnable game to suc last season, couldn’t even roll over three inches on the ground to cover a loose football that the sc guy was able to scoop up in full stride and run it to the house for essentially the “Game over” defensive td. The loutish interception later helped Brehaut twist the dagger his own team. Players who fudge out and blow the sc game are never the UCLA quarterback of choice —Prince or Hundley in wheelchairs get the nod for the start…

  • INawe

    BWAHAHAHA… you really are going to keep this whole franklin and bash thing going huh jon.

  • Anonymous

    Prince has the balls on the field, why y’all looking for a scientific explanation. To me he wants it more than Richard.

  • Anonymous

    people that are successful, don’t look to what is fair. You want something, you go after it and take don’t take no far an answer.

  • Anonymous

    I dont get the Franklin and BASH. What am I missing?

  • anon

    well Prince may want to be on the field more… he certainly doesn’t want to throw it and he certainly doesn’t want to win more…

    the KP experiment should end. go with Brehaut or go with Hundley… no more back and forth with KP. of course KP is healthy now because people can’t touch him and he lives in a bubble off the field, but come fall practice…

  • Joe Momma

    I thought Franklin already had a breakout season last year?

  • Your Jewish Mother (Feeling Better!)

    Oy vey with the Franklin and with the Bash…

    You should spend less time watching that schmuck Zack Morris and more time trying to make me a grandchild.

    Listen to your mother. I’m not just some yenta – I know things.

  • Anonymous

    LMAO @ Jon’s Jewish Mother

  • Anonymous

    Jon. Could you please limit questions to 50 words or less? Some of them seem like essays rather than questions. My eyes glaze over after about three lines.

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous said:
    I agree. There should be a limit on the number of words in the comment section. It certainly makes it difficult to read, especially when it get over three of four lines. Worse, some people just ramble on and on, without regards to keeping track of how long they are going on. I mean, seriously can’t some just get to the point. Why can’t people just say what they mean quickly? Oh, and don’t get me started if you ask them politely; they will just deny that they are doing it. They will just say it is others, and not them. I have a friend (his name is Johnny…or maybe it was Beth…I forget, but it was one of them) that I brought this up with, and he (or she) suggested that perhaps character limiting it would be the best way, but I thought that might be too militant. I mean, who is to say 150 characters is too little or too much? You know what we could do? We should take a poll. Only use the “radio button” voting, and not a fill in the blank voting, because, you know, the same guys that type too much would probably fill up the comment section, and I hate that.

  • Anonymous

    Jon Gold = Laziest Sportswriter Around

  • To Anonymous

    If your eyes glaze over after reading 3 lines, then you must have gone to USC. šŸ˜‰