Blake Arnet not returning for senior season

Update: Just got off the phone with basketball team spokesman Ryan Finney. He confirmed that Arnet is leaving the team to focus on school and his career and he doesn’t want to talk to reporters.

Finney also said Howland has not been made aware of the situation as he is on vacation but he expects Howland to persuade Arnet to stay upon his return.

Blake Arnet will not be returning to the UCLA basketball team for the 2011-2012 season, according to his Facebook profile.

Arnet posted the following message Tuesday at 2:43 p.m.

“won’t be back playin ball next yr, not having fun with it.. will miss parts of it but it’s time to move on – u can catch me on the ping pong table doin work!”

If Arnet leaves, Ben Howland is left with a precarious situation at the point guard spot. Last year’s back up, Jerime Anderson, has been suspended indefinitely after being charged with suspicion of grand theft. Playing Lazeric Jones 40 minutes a night doesn’t appear to be an option for Howland, although incoming junior college transfer De’End Parker may be able to provide some valuable minutes.

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  • Anonymous

    Time for an open try-out!

  • Anonymous

    Arnet was never going to see the floor anyways. If he did, we’d be in deep shat.

  • Anonymous Jerk

    Don’t nobody care about Blake Arnet

  • NorthCampusBruin


  • Anonymous

    Was Blake Arnet a walk-on? I don’t remember him being recruited or playing. It’s hard to believe this will have a signficant impact.

  • anonymous

    Blake who?

  • Arnet was a walk-on but he was awarded a scholarship near the end of last season.

  • LTrain

    Did he have a scholarship and if so, does that open a spot for another recruit?

  • Allen Gershenson

    I’m sick and tired of every Tom, Dick and Harry ripping kid’s like Blake who walk on and bust their ass to earn a scholarship, only if its for a season. He’s a Bruin, just like the rest and deserves the same respect.


    ^ WORD!

  • UCLASteve

    Let’s ease up on the comments above. I follow the Bruins religiously and even my first reaction was, “who”? This is not to take away from the guy or the gratitude I have for him given his time and efforts to the University, nor for the fact that he is a Bruin. Bottom line, the name did not immediately ring a bell and for a high profile program like UCLA, you would accept to recognize the names. That being said… we are obviously not on the inside so do not know all the details or reasons (nor should we know), but on the face value, gotta question the timing on this – I mean, he didn’t even inform the coach? What’s that all about?

  • Blake Arnet’s Father

    I didn’t even know he was enrolled at at UCLA.

  • Mario DiLeo


  • Tom, Dick, and Harry

    How can we rip on someone we never knew about!?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    when jerime got the steal, i hope blake didn’t get the assist.

  • Anon E. Moose

    “Jerime Anderson, has been suspended indefinitely after being charged with suspicion of grand theft.”

    How many years do you get for “suspicion” of grand theft?

    Is that a feeble attempt at spinning the charge of “grand theft?”

    Apparently, you weren’t a UCLA grad., or failed Subject A.

  • Blake’s Agent


    Follow Bruins ‘religiously’ and don’t know who Blake is??? Go back under your rock, jackanape.

  • UCLASteve

    @Blake’s Agent~

    Read what I wrote again. “I follow the Bruins religiously and even my first reaction was, “who”?”. Never said I didn’t know who he was… All I said was “the name did not immediately ring a bell”. Even as his agent, I’m sure this happens to you all the time. He’s like Drama on Entourage.

    What else in that message gave you the impression this comment was from a trojie?Too funny.

    Go Bruins!