Post-Practice Update

* UCLA’s first fall camp practice was a good one, and they seemed to respond well to the coaching staff and the tempo of practice.

* Kevin Prince ran with the ones to start and looked pretty good, especially throwing on the run, something that offensive coordinator Mike Johnson said the team needed to be much better at. He’s right – the team was not good in play-action, and especially with ball fakes, and that directly feeds into the running game. Prince showed a bit of rust in the rhythm department, foiled a few times by a quick, aggressive pass rush.

* Richard Brehaut also got many snaps with the ones, and it’s really too soon to tell who’ll come away with the position. I asked Brehaut if he truly felt it was 50-50 going into camp, and he said he does feel that he’ll get a fair shake, but I wonder how much better Brehaut does have to be to get the nod.

* First impressions of size changes: Justin Edison looks huge, absolutely huge; Patrick Larimore seems to have put on some good weight; Torian White is smaller than I expected (Will Oliver is way bigger than I expected); and Sheldon Price and Aaron Hester are a pair of formidable DBs.

* Wade Yandall got the first-team reps at strong-side guard, with Chris Ward at the weak-side guard spot, and if Yandall can hold on tight, he should be the guy moving forward, depending on Albert Cid’s production.

* Glenn Love is running with the ones at outside linebacker, and I expect him to win the position. If you remember, he narrowly lost the starting safety spot to Tony Dye in 2009 when both were sophomores, and that experience could seal the deal.