Post-Practice Update

* As Rick Neuheisel pointed out after practice, early in fall camp it is natural for a defense to have a leg up with the shoulder pads off, but the offense had its flashes on Tuesday, particularly early up front.

* Kai Maiava and Mike Harris had a really good series in early 11-on-11 work, with Maiava looking particularly quick on a pull block that freed Johnathan Franklin. Mike Johnson was really excited about that one.

* Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut haven’t done anything to answer any questions yet, especially as they continually look to the check down and haven’t really opened things up yet. Neuheisel said after practice that some of that was by design to avoid the pass rush, something that plagued UCLA last season, but even 7-on-7 drills were full of check-downs. By my count, 11 of Prince’s 12 throws in the drill were either to running backs or tight ends, and the lone deep ball to Shaquelle Evans was intercepted by Tevin McDonald, with Eric Kendricks following the next play with another interception.

* Brehaut didn’t do particularly better, albeit attempting a few more downfield throws, but neither quarterback was particularly sharp.

* Later in practice the defense came back strong, frequently in the UCLA backfield. We did see some Greg Capella at guard, though, and he held his own.

* Looked like Andrew Abbott tweaked his foot a bit at the end of practice, but he was walking OK.

* One thing I noticed: After a big play by Cassius Marsh, Inoke Brecketfield jogged over and shared a little “coaching moment” with Marsh, playfully slapping him in the pads as he walked away. Theirs was a tenuous relationship in spring as Marsh tried to adapt to Breckterfield’s coaching style, but things look very smooth now, and the two were chatting together as practice ended, too. Breckterfield will play a very important role in Marsh’s development.

* Another thing I noticed: After the last play of the practice-ending scrimmage, both sides were shouting “one more play,” and clamoring for another shot at each other. I’m not sure I’ve seen that in my two years on the beat so far.

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  • ty

    Thanks Jon for the updates keep up all the details please. Come on quarterbacks..! Smh I can’t wait for hundley to develop.

  • Gio

    Jon I want to thank you for your amazing analysis of UCLA sports, it’s very intriguing. I graduated two years and have continued my passion for UCLA sports mainly because of your in depth coverage. I was looking at sc’s blog writer and you simply blow the guy out of the water. Just wanted to show some appreciation for your efforts in your line of business, were very appreciative of your commitment. GO BRUINS!!!!! Class of 09!

  • BruinBurd

    All the news seems good except the QB news. UGH! Is CRN directly coaching the QB’s or is Coach Johnson now taking over that teaching role. Someone has to show these kids how to throw down field.

  • Ley

    Hey Jon, I no you saw Shaq yesterday but two other huge recruits coming in tommorow!!!
    DaveTelep Dave Telep
    Shabazz Muhammad checked in. He’ll be on UCLA’s campus with Kyle Anderson tomorrow. Big day in LA.
    about 9 hours ago

  • Unreal…

    Wow… Sounds like something exciting is a brewin over in Westwood.