Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers…

1) How pissed is Neuheisal at Brehaut for not making a full-time commitment to football? – Flame Thrower
Originally, the tone of the interviews after Brehaut chose to play baseball were all really positive and upbeat and friendly. Somewhere along the line, they took a turn, toward critical. Not quite sure when it happened or why, but Neuheisel does not seem pleased about it. There does seem to be some back-tracking, but I also think Brehaut has looked really good in camp and is addressing some of their concerns.

2) Brock- you are not alone my friend! It would be horrible if we let go of Rick. If we lose Rick we will lose all our recruits along with him. How do we AXE DAN is a great question! I’d love to see Jon’s answer/ opinion on this one. He knows how I feel about DG. GO BRUINS! – BRUINBEATCH
I don’t have an opinion on this. I’ll only say that being a successful athletic director is more than having a winning football team.

3) Recruiting is going very well for the UCLA football team with some commits the past two weeks infusing some hope and life into the program. Does the recent success in getting commits at all take some of the pressure of of Coach Neu. I know he still needs to have success on the field, that is the most important thing. But do you think that now Coach Neu only needs to show marginal improvement, as opposed to having a breakthrough season to be retained? – Doug
A win in Week 1 takes some of the pressure off of Neuheisel. Until then, pressure abounds. But I’ve never once believed he needs a breakthrough season to be retained. A lot of people like and respect Neuheisel around Westwood. I believe 6-6 with a bowl appearance and relatively close games would suffice.

4) i think it would be benificial for us to red shirt Malcolm Jones this season. We have Franklin, James, and a big back in Coleman….Barring injury i think those 3 will be fine for us this year and then Jones can take over next year for Coleman. What say you? Is the staff looking at this option? – 909Bruin
The staff is not looking at the option, and would be crazy to do so, in my opinion.

5) Hope all is well with your mom. Do you see a lot of improvement in recruiting and performance with the new coaching staff? – bibs
Thanks on the mom deal, first of all. But I too believe in the maxim that if you would offer a kid in January, you offer him now, so in that regard, yes, I think this is a decent recruiting class so far. I also believe that UCLA knows that a good season would probably open the floodgates, and will act accordingly.

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  • I have not read anything so far this fall on Jordan Zumwalt, does anyone know if he’s injurerd?

  • hogsman

    Zumwalt is recovering from a concussion.


    Fair enough. Football may not be everything but it is VERY important. I personally would love to see change in AD but you already knew that. Thanks for the answer.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    with the season-long grind you can never have enough backs.