Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) What actually happened – legally, criminally – to the three football players who were arrested for stealing a backpack last year? Where they let go and never charged? – Anonymous
The venerable Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times had the clearest and most recent picture in a recent Q&A: “According to Frank Mateljan of the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office,” Condotta wrote, “all three have been charged with Grand Theft (Violation of Penal Code section 487(a)). All three are scheduled for a pre-trial hearing on Aug. 18 in Los Angeles. Mateljan said all of the counts are misdemeanors, punishible by up to six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.”

2) BB team has great depth in front court and much less in backcourt, particularly if Anderson is disciplined for more than one game. How will the team handle pressing defenses which they have struggled with to some degree last season. And will the offense become very deliberate looking for a big to get open? Who will be the clutch 3 point shooter? – Bruin1970
A) Need to see how Anderson’s situation unfolds. B) That’s going to be a weakness again, I assume. C) The coaching staff is very high on Travis Wear.

3) How would you describe this year’s offensive philosophy? How will it be different from last year and how much of it will be the same. Will we see more I formation? How many receivers will be sent out, will the tight end be given the ball more? How often will the running backs be sent out. Is it too early to tell or have the coaches discussed their philosophy with you? I know it’s a lot of questions so perhaps you could write a whole article on it. Thanks, Cheat On!!!!!!! – Cheat On!
Whoa. That’s a lot to digest, and I’m used to digesting a lot. I’ll just say the offense should be more open and more creative, and the sidelines have been utilized more than last year, which spreads the field horizontally, which often leads to a vertical passing game, particularly on double moves. We’ll see how the tight ends are utiliized as the offense continues to be refined.

4) If Jerime Anderson is out for some to all of next season what are the options for back-up point guard? – Anonymous
I would think De’End Parker would get some time at the position, but really, losing Anderson for the year would be extremely difficult to overcome.

5) I’ve watched some vid of Hiva Lutui and I think he is a great get for the Bruins. We also have verbals from two other less celebrated offensive guards. Do you think Lutui (or one of the other prospects) might move out to Center… or possibly Offensive Tackle. – Anonymous
That could happen with time, but lets see who UCLA gets in early February instead of mid-August.

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