Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) Over the last few years, both UCLA and Washington have been rebuilding. The national perception is that Washington/Sark is doing everything right and that UCLA/Neu – probably because of the Bruins 4-8 record last year. But how much better can the Huskies be when they’ve lost Locker and our breaking in a untested QB? – BruinBall

2) Do the calls for Dan Guerrero’s head have merit? Who does he report to, and what do they expect of him? UCLA does damn well in virtually every OTHER sport we have on campus besides football. I always got the vibe that the top admins are OK with the football team being mediocre as long as men’s basketball is decent and we keep racking up the NCAA championships in other sports (especially women’s sports, which make us look more progressive). Am I wrong? Or is our Athletic Director’s career really at the mercy of just one of the teams he oversees? – Semi-Pro
From sources I’ve spoken to, including boosters, Guerrero is not on thin ice. There is a lot of optimism about the basketball program once again, football is wait-and-see, baseball is aces, the other sports are top-flight as usual, and two major venues are undergoing renovations.

3) Do you have a fall practice schedule that includes the times and dates of scrimmages? Thanks! – Sunset Bruin
Monday, Aug. 15 – 9:00 am & 3:00 pm
Tuesday, Aug. 16 – 3:00 pm
Wednesday, Aug. 17 – 9:00 am & 3:00 pm
Thursday, Aug. 18 – 3:00 pm
Friday, Aug. 19 – 9:00 am
Saturday, Aug. 20 – 5:00 pm (scrimmage at Drake Stadium)

4) Hey John, I read an interview with Johnson where he said ” he wants to see which QB can engage the players the best” and that would matter in the mix of things. Seems to me Prince and Brehaut are somewhat opposites in this matter, Prince’s demeanor seems more introverted and vanilla, not to say he’s not a good QB, and Brehaut seems more extroverted, a gamer, a players QB that gets the guys going, so to speak. I’ve watched interviews over the last two years, yours and others, and I always get an impression from body language and responses that Prince is way more low key almost monotone or lacking confidence, which concerned me last year and made we question why he seems better in practice and not so much in games? What’s you impression on what their personalities bring to getting the job done in the way it needs to happen this year? – Zack Martin
I definitely think the team takes on some of the personality of the quarterback – the offense certainly does – but the vibe I get from the players I’ve spoken to, particularly off the record, is that it doesn’t matter who the quarterback is as long as they EARN the spot. The players are waiting for one guy to grab the reins and not let go. Now, Prince does not lack confidence, but he is a polished speaker and he comes off as such, with direct and deliberate answers. He plays that way, too, looking for the angles and being willing to check down – perhaps too often – when things go awry. Brehaut is a little more casual in terms of personality and he is a bit more gregarious, and I think that translates in his play. Either way, though, like I said – it doesn’t matter who it is, just how they do.

5) Kodi Innes – at 6’4″ 290 lbs. Can he bounce outside to Offensive Tackle? He seems to have quick feet and the “reach” to be an OT. What do you think? – Anonymous
I haven’t focused extensively on him, but I’m not sure I see what you see. I don’t think he has the reflexes to pass block as a tackle.

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