Weekly Answers, Pt. 5

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) Any thoughts on Anthony Thompson? Can he provide any depth at Corner? – Anonymous
Depth? Yes. Two-deep? No.

2) What’s the word with the Senior CB transfer from Vanderbilt? Can he help us with depth special teams? – Anonymous
Jamie Graham has looked decent in his brief time at UCLA, and he does have a real shot to help in the return game, but he needs to open some eyes fast, because the lineup will start to solidify soon.

3) Torian White looked a little raw when I saw him. Can he break into the two-deep until Jeff Baca returns? – Anonymous
He’s extremely raw and needs to put on some football weight and bulk up his upper body. He’s not in the running for two-deep right now.

4) Has Connor Bradford gotten up to Neuheisel’s stated “goal weight” (285 lbs) ? – Anonymous
Bradford is listed at 275, so unless the latter part of his summer was full of Fat Sal’s, I think he’s still around that level. He needs another 15 pounds, stat.

5) Can UCLA get into the BCS game with one loss this year? Also, are you related to the dude who does Football Friday? – Localbruin
No and no.

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  • Tony

    Are you not at the Kalin and Matt Wedding at Nellies place in Maui today??

  • GeeDee

    Jon you wrong again UCLA play in the pac 12 if they win the pac 12 title game they being UCLA are in automatically as pac 12 champs it dont matter if they are 9-4 or 13-0 they are in a BCS game if they win the pac 12 title game jon i am a die hard UCLA fan youre blog is good but i dont like you covering my Bruins i hope you get demoted and start covering high school sports for la daily news ucla fans need someone who loves UCLA it will show in their work we have been down for some time now we being UCLA we dont need someone like you covering UCLA i hope UCLA do good this year and shut you up and put pressure on your boss too make decisions regarding your job title call me Gee Dee thats what everyone else call me im not hiding…

  • Watty

    GeeDee’s a dumdum

  • GeeDee

    Watty mind your business