Post-Practice Update

* UCLA responded pretty well to a poor throwing morning with a decent afternoon practice.

* The offense didn’t have the pop of the previous few days, but the unit has responded to adversity quite well in this camp, and tomorrow will be a good test.

* Shaq Evans, if he doesn’t start, he’s at least going to be targeted a heck of a lot this year. I don’t know how much separates the ENTIRE receiving crew right now. Really, Nelson Rosario, Taylor Embree, Josh Smith, Ricky Marvray, Randall Carroll, Devin and Lucien look like they could start for the Bruins. Smith also had a nice day, with a beautiful touchdown catch from Richard Brehaut fading out of the end zone, and Mike Johnson is very, very excited about some potential unique personnel packages.

* On personnel packages: I thought the Bruins missed a big opportunity with that last season, or at least didn’t capitalize when they were creative with the groupings, but things bode well. Go big? Rosario, Embree, Barr, Fauria. Speed? Carroll, Smith, Rosario, Marvray, James. Sidelines? Evans, Lucien, Rosario. There is some real potential there.

* Brehaut had a better afternoon than Kevin Prince, throwing for two touchdowns in a short scrimmage. Prince missed all three of his throws, but faced a very heavy pass rush.
“Kevin uncharacteristically missed some throws,” Neuheisel said. “Richard saw an opportunity and had a great deal. That’s what competition has to do.”

* Had a nice chat with Kip Smith, and he’s surprisingly forthright about his struggles, and this could just be a matter of him breaking out of his funk. He had a chat with Justin Medlock and with Christian Yount this weekend, and both imparted some words of wisdom. Medlock told him about his attempt in college being a miss and feeling awful. Smith had a decent day today, and I think he’ll start to stabilize pretty soon.

* Jeff Baca was doing some sprints, but I don’t think the timetable has changed on him.

* Cassius Marsh (groin) and Patrick Larimore sat out, but are expected back tomorrow.

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  • anonbruinfan

    When are we going to see Brehaut get a chance against the 1’s? If this is an open QB competition, then lets find out how much of an effect the first string defense is having on the QB’s performances. We’re all curious…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    It don’t really matter, because our real future (Hundley) grabs the reigns shortly after he is cleared to play. And that’s because he’s the only QB with the whole package — the talent of Brehaut AND desire of Prince — to really carry this team where it needs to go.

  • Anonymous

    kevin will be a better quarterback for ucla. maybe Brehaut will be better for a team that actually has a good O line and will have time to actually throw the ball but we dont so we need a runner for our qb

  • ty

    Lol I agree @ Rockies… can’t wait for him to develop

  • Reformed Droog

    “Kevin uncharacteristically missed some throws,” Neuheisel said.

    Come again?

  • wise fool

    Let Richard go against the 1s and put Kevin against the 2s, 3s, 4s. Let’s see Richard stay in the pocket with Datone breathing down his neck. How hard is it to figure out?

  • Anonymous

    What more does RB have to warrant a fair shot? He makes one bad play and gets a tongue lashing from CRN but when KP looks terrible he gets coddled and excuses are made that he uncharacteristically had a bad day. If anything KP characteristically misses throws. What tape is CRN watching from last year. Give RB a fair shot with the 1’s and have a real competition.

  • Hadenough

    I agree with unfair treatment towards RB. Ever since Chow said that Prince will one day win the Heisman, he has been given more opportunities than Brehaut. Hey Neuhiesel, tone down the criticism towards RB and treat him fairly or u will force him to transfer too. You don’t ask lineman to drad a “dead body” off the field when Prince makes a mistake, so don’t do it to Brehaut. Your ignorance is killing this program.

  • anon

    The Daily Bruin reports that RB is slowly pulling away in the competition.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Really? On crutches, even?
    RB lost his shot when he threw his cards toward baseball last spring and then … never got an official at-bat. His teammates will never forget that ill-advised choice. He’s not all-in and never will be.
    Prince is, but lacks the polish at the position.
    But this team is now Prince’s until Hundley is cleared, and then the man-child takes over.
    Then you can all stop bickering about which sub-.500 QB is getting his diapers changed by whom.