Post-Practice Update

* Rick Neuheisel wanted to give the first team a bit of a break today, so most of the late-practice team drills were second- and third-team guys.

* Richard Brehaut returned to practice and was again sharp with his arm, shaking off any rust on his first throw of team drills, a 40-yard touchdown to Randall Carroll. Brehaut had a beautiful pass to Anthony Barr over the middle that elicited a “Hell yeah, 12,” from a teammate.

* Kevin Prince is nursing a blister on his throwing hand and didn’t see too much time, and he was a mixed bag, hitting some and missing some in team drills.

* Chris Ward was working primarily with the twos again, with Albert Cid and Greg Capella seeing most of the first-team action at the guard spots.

* Joseph Fauria again saw several passes thrown his way.

* Saw a couple nice hits from Brandon Sermons, Jared Koster and Todd Golper.

* Sean Westgate had flu-like symptoms and missed practice. Eric Kendricks got extended time with the ones in his absence and had a really good practice. Jordan Zumwalt was also live.

* UCLA’s last live practice of camp is tomorrow morning at 9 a.m., followed by a closed walk-through in the afternoon and Saturday’s scrimmage at Drake Stadium.

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    A blister. Really?
    I guess this happens when you miss the prescribed 1,000 throws to EVERY receiver at EVERY route from last spring (LOL). Just read one report from an SEC program and this makes us look like a bunch of pansies.
    Shut your pie hole, save the crying for mommy, strap it on and assume the pistol position behind center.
    We were 4-8 last year. FOUR FREAKING AND EIGHT! Even your brain should have blisters right now from ingesting the playbook at such a rate that all of hell’s fury is unleashed on Houston.
    Good God. A blister?
    And this, from the toughest of UCLA’s QBs.
    Hundley can’t return soon enough.

  • anon

    a blister? that will probably keep him out of a couple games…

  • futurebruin13

    wow…clearly some people have issues with Prince for no reason…CRN wanted to give the 1st team some rest and Brehaut some extra time cause he missed 2 days. If you honestly think that Prince didn’t play in the scrimmage cause of a blister…wow.

  • gang of four horsemen of the apocalyse now

    In other news, we supposedly got a commit from this kid…

  • Hollywood Bruin

    Yeah the commit is the best DB in the entire 2013 class. BIG TIME recruit.


  • Ley

    I see CRN waking up Monday morning and saying, Richard Brehaut is my starting QB at Houston !!! GO BRUINS !!!

  • BruinPain

    I wonder how long the KP apologists will hang on. It looks like RB will be the starting QB. Or are the Prince advocates still wearing the rose colored glasses. Congratulations Brehaut and Go Bruins!

  • Lawyer Bunghole

    ♪ Let me go on like I
    Blister in the sun
    Let me go on
    Big hands, I know you’re the one ♬

  • Semi-Pro

    Lol…Brehaut has one good practice and people are ready to crown him the starter.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less who ends up winning the job in the end, just as long as someone steps up and separates himself. But if you think Brehaut has done that, you are nuts. Especially after Prince just had 2 strong practices himself.

    How quickly people forget how we torched Texas in large part due to KP’s running ability. Brehaut does not bring that to the table. And today’s practice was against the 2’s and 3’s on defense.

  • futurebruin13

    True fans don’t care who starts so long as whoever starts is successful. A true fan wishes for both Prince and Brehaut to win, not for one to fail. So called “fans” who bash either QB need to chill and realize they are insulting 20 year old human beings. It’s just a game, relax.

  • Hadenough

    The last time Prince sat out of practice was when he had hemorrhoids after dropping a couple of soap bars in the men’s room. Poor guy. Please Neuheisel, don’t name Prince ur starting qb or alot of alumni will give u hemorrhoids.

  • CoachBruin

    Maybe lets try to be less like coaches and more like fans and build are kids up. Maybe then they can read something positive, and give our team what we really need, are support!!! U.C.L…..A. U.C.L.A FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!

  • BruinPain

    Don’t get me wrong I like Kevin. It’s just that he constantly reminds me of the Samuel L. Jackson character, Elijah, from the movie Unbreakable and his throws often require zip codes. I want him to prove me wrong and to both produce and not be carried of the field.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    OK, now hang onto those big-boy Bruin pull-ups real tight now, because you may get offended.
    In the heated race for a starting QB spot at a major university, blisters are never to be a factor. Ever. Even under your breath. Hell, even under someone else’s breath. Same goes for playing baseball during Spring football. Especially when you suck at it. And just like there’s no crying in baseball, there are no blisters in football. Neither of you, obviously, have ever played the game.
    But thanks for your posts. It helps me realize why no one is in the Rose Bowl stands anymore.
    And that won’t change until Hundley alters the course of this whole program.

  • futurebruin13


    Prince didn’t play in the scrimmage because CRN was resting most of the 1st team…so are you saying that the other 1st teamer’s didn’t play in the scrimmage because of Prince’s blister also? Do you honestly think it was Prince’s choice to not play in the scrimmage??? The same guy who finished the Texas game with a bum knee. Your arrogance is awesome to see though, thanks for that.

  • Semi-Pro

    Since you brought up baseball as a comparison, you should clearly know that pitchers (even MLB pitchers) leave games all the time or reduce their pitch count because of blisters, as they can significantly affect their performance.

    Same with QB. Any other position on the field of course blisters should not be an issue. But for a QB and a pitcher, blisters are an actual performance-altering problem.

    Coach Neu wanted to get the 2’s and 3’s more reps anyway…whats the big deal?

  • Brock

    Honestly. Don’t even read what rockies has to say. Every time he posts on here it’s a bunch of utter bullshit with him just talking out of his ass with issues he has no idea about.

  • MichaelRyerson

    I was going to post something snarky but I’m having space-bar issues due to a blister. try to get back early next week.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Semi-pro: Good take on a pitcher’s blister. But I brought up baseball w/sarcasm toward RB. Brock: To attack personally w/no view of your own says everything about you. MRyer: Hope the blister heals. Until then, let Benny fly on that computer he stole from the USC gal.

  • MichaelRyerson

    blister is killing me but I’ll guts it out for a minute or two…benny’s job (tech writer) took him to Louisiana for three months, he won’t be back until around the 1st of october. this is his first trip to the deep south and we can’t wait to hear his take on it and how the trip worked out crossing the country in his vegetable oil burning Volvo. I don’t think the good people of Louisiana have ever seen anything quite like benny. meantime, his usc prof girlfriend doesn’t really travel in our circle but I hear she’s waiting patiently(?) for him to get back but then again, who wouldn’t?

  • Ley

    WOW…semi-pro…. He blistered Texas a whole 5-9, for 27 yards and that was his best game EVER!!!! That game was all the offensive lines so please don’t give happy feet.Prince credit for that one!!!

  • KP haters are morons. True freshman gets sent on naked bootleg at UT from end zone and gets jaw broken. Not one neg comment from KP. He is not Aikman but does not pretend to be. He represents with class and will do so if RB is named starter.

    The oposite of you haters

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Wow! Nice effort w/that blister! I think you have earned the start for Houston … as for Benny, can’t wait for the southern report. I know we can trust him even if he veers toward Miami, because he will always be a booster w/no money.
    I hope Ursula, his USC snag, doesn’t mind when he comes back w/Lisa the LSU soph in tow. It’s gonna be hard for him to resist that shrimp farmer’s daughter.

  • MichaelRyerson

    yeah, thanks, I guess the adrenalin took over.

  • anon

    @semi-pro, you clearly haven’t been following practices. LA Times, OC Register, Daily News, etc. have said that Brehaut has been consistently better this camp than Prince. you can keep drinking the kool aid all you like or keep holding onto the Texas game for the rest of your life.

  • Rob

    Wow. I am extremely disappointed in my fellow Bruins for all the hate that they are spewing about a 21 year old kid who has more guts than they will ever have. Kevin Prince is the epitome of a UCLA athlete in that he works his butt off, doesn’t complain, does everything to help the TEAM and yet you critique him like we are paying him money to play. I hope you are never in the situation where people are evaluating you as critically as you are evaluating potentially the nicest guy on the entire football field.
    Kevin Prince has the potential to be a great quarterback as evidenced by the 3 straight 300 yard games he put up as a RS FR. Leave the actual analysis to Rick and I’m sure we will be fine. Have some faith for goodness sake.

  • Rodney King

    Can’t we all just get along?

    Call me uninformed, but I’m holding my ire for when KP misses a practice due to a self-diagnosed “sand-in-my-vagina” irritation.

    Until then, maybe we can all just relax a little and wait for the scrimmage…

  • Anonymous

    I’d like to point out to all the people who’re (rightfully) defending Kevin Prince – You guys realize this is the internet, right? The people who say they’re Bruin fans and then spout this kind of stuff are just trolls. They’re looking to stir you (and if they could do it, Kevin) up.

  • BruinPain

    Reality Check for all of you who believe that Kevin Prince is the second coming or whatever the Mormon equivalent would be for our team at QB.

    In two years, he has completed 215 out of 402 passes attempted for 2434 yards. 13 TD v. 11 INT. Not exactly Troy Aikman, no.

    For those who say, he’s our running QB well…in two years he’s carried the ball 116 times for a net gain of 289 YDS… that’s a whopping 2.5 YPC. WooYoo! Ok, so he’s not Vick or Young.

    But C’mon now, I don’t understand why there are so many people on here that will fall on their sword defending a less than mediocre QB who is injury prone. Those are the facts. Those are the stats.

    BTW, I’d rather have a QB with less “grit” whatever people see in that. I guess that’s the glaze in his eyes as he has as he’s being carried off of the field and more production whoever it is. Let Kai be QB for all I care if he produces.

    BTW, baseball being my primary sport. You cannot compare the blisters that a pitcher will sometimes get at the end of his finger of his throwing hand. How the ball is held, the pressure, and velocity are much different.

    Peace be with you fellow Bruins. Please do not call one another names or assault one’s character. This is a discussion group of ideas not a trolls flame thrower gallery. Go Bruins!

  • It’s so weird to just sit back and watch this…

  • Anonymous

    When are you idiots heading to the beer pong nationals??

  • ucla-of-the-rockies A.K.A. “fake Bruin fan” – I don’t post too much on the UCLA blog, as I prefer to engage in battles with the trOJans on their blogs, but you obviously don’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Over the past 5 years the attendance at the Rose Bowl has been around 67,000 per game and the lowest I’ve seen has been 46,000 in the ASU game in 2009. So, stick to what you know best and stop posting your ignorace when it comes to the UCLA athletes. I would have more respect for you if you just admitted you’re a SUCster.

  • Rodney King

    Oh come on, Jon, you know you’re missing being the target of attack…

  • BruinPain


    Perhaps you shouldn’t post much on the UCLA blog if you do so just to call another poster ignorant and claim they are a Trogan in disguise. It doesn’t appear that you’re the arbiter of respect you claim to be. My personal belief is that there’s room for differing beliefs regarding our team without resorting to name calling and disparaging one’s knowledge of the sport. In the end, it’s just a game played by some talented Bruins kids: some of whom may make it to the next level. I enjoy the development of all the players and the team as a whole; however, I believe in a meritocracy. If someone produces, then they should be rewarded with more playing time. In the meantime, let’s all look forward to a fall of Bruin football. Go Bruins!

  • Ley

    I have never questioned Kevin Prince as a person and he probably is the nicest kid you will ever meet!!! Here is the problem, we are talking about Div. 1 football here people and this KID has never been able to hit the ocean while standing in a boat!!! Yeah Yeah offensive line this and that….all i remember are the balls thrown behind or over receivers and backs being missed out of the backfield. Give me a break, you know where nice guys finish. If this was hoops and he couldn’t hit a jump shot you sit him on the bench! If you don’t want to compete against the Oklahoma’s and Alabama’s of the world then lets all just be nice and finish 4-8 every year. Why do you think we try and recruit the biggest and the best every year for goodness sakes.

  • samo hopar

    Most of you are an embarrassment to this blog and to UCLA graduates everywhere.

  • Brock

    rockies: Personal attack? Ha! Way to whine like the trojan you are. I don’t feel the need to justify what I think to someone like you.

  • Brock Exposed

    Jon used to flush crude language comments like yours, and you should know by now they are not welcome here. “Rockies” is one of us, and you still haven’t responded with any opinion to what is relevant here. Rockies has. And there are many of us alumni who not only await the arrival of our 5-star future QB (Hundley) but also work with blisters, hang-nails and the like and yet don’t complain.

  • Anonymous

    I’m typing with a bad Achilles tendon.

    I’m much tougher than MichaelRyerson.

    Suck it up, people!

  • Brock

    OK, you’re telling me that you don’t like that Prince is NURSING a blister on his throwing hand, correct? You think he is a wimp and should be out there throwing every single ball to the second team offense (seeing as how the first team sat out quite a bit of practice)? There is absolutely no reason to have Prince out there taking more snaps at quarterback only further irritate a blister ON HIS THROWING HAND. If he were to do that rockies would complain come scrimmage time about how Prince is way too inaccurate. It is idiotic. AND NOW you talk about throwing Hundley in there because he is going to turn this whole program around. Give me a break. It’s pretty sad to see what some UCLA fans have become today, it really is.

  • BruinPain

    Please don’t embarrass me, due to injury I’m typing this comment with my nose.

    Nonetheless, the mud slinging continues here for no good reason. Let’s see, someone prefers one player over another or God forbid points out an area for improvement and voila, they must be some MF Trogan scumbag. I doubt that those flaming posters received their degrees from UCLA or ever will since they lack any critical reasoning.

    Oh wait, what am I thinking. This is a blog where any rabid idiot can post from the shadows. 😉 Go Bruins!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Fair take.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Fair take brock …
    We’ll see how MRyer handles Houston, and then BPain gets the QB call for San Jose State, as that secondary nose injury is protected well by the facemask.