Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Do you think Anthony Barr would thrive more as a linebacker than at the f-back position? What position did we recruit him at? – Anonymous
No, I think he’s an offensive player. I think he’d be best in an H-back role, but that pretty much is the F-back in this offense, so he’s found a good spot.

2) Thanks for your great coverage of fall camp. Do you have any idea where Morrell Pressley will land? How much did his off-the-field issues impact his playing time at UCLA? – Sunset Bruin
I don’t think that’s been resolved yet because of academics, and they played a huge role in his lack of playing time. You don’t play someone you don’t trust, and means on and off the field.

3) Can you ask the D lineman if David Carter gave them the advice on hand placement that was so valuable to help him in the last NFL draft? If they didn’t get advice from David Carter, what was the name of the coach that taught him that technique? Supposedly he is the #2 DT in Cardinals training camp right now – Bruingold poster is the source of that “info”. – Pistalion
Carter worked with AthletesPerformance, but I can’t recall the specific coach he worked with. And I don’t think he’s ready to teach other people something he just learned.

4) Why don’t you and Wolf trade places one day soon and give us a little perspective by comparison with what you see every day? – RainMan
That’s not quite how it works, though it would be fun. I just don’t want to have to “apply” to cover practice.

5) I had some concerns regarding depth at F-back once Pressley’s transfer was announced. Any idea on what the projected depth looks like at that position? With Franklin possibly not returning next year it looks like James and Jones will be next year’s one-two punch which leads me believe that James will not stay at F-back for long. – Anonymous
Well, A) Franklin should be returning next year, and B) Barr, Damien Thigpen and James are all returning.

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  • BruinFaithful


    So are you saying, that even if Pressley had not decided to transfer, he might have been academically ineligible? Seems to me that if he is having troubles transferring because of Academics, he would certainly have troubles staying eligible at UCLA.

    Let’s not forget that he also didn’t perform all that well on the field either. Remember ALL those drops?

    I don’t see how a kid that smoked as much herb as he did could stay so skinny.

    I really hope he gets it together elsewhere and represents that Bruin Tattoo well.

  • Reformed Droog

    Oh, come on, Jon – one look at your Daily News pay stub and USC will happily allow you access to their players…no need to sign your life away!

  • bruinbruin

    From what I’ve heard from teammates, Franklin is looking to go to the nfl next year. He’s looking to leave.