Post-Practice Update

* Not much on the quarterback battle, as both were pretty efficient today. I have noticed how well Kevin Prince is running the play-fake lately, as he’s juked all 11 defenders twice in the last two days.

* One thing I’m noticing from the receivers: It appears they’re using their hands a lot more this year to catch the ball, as opposed to using the body, and while it has led to a decent amount of drops, they’re also “catching” the ball better. Shaq Evans and Josh Smith both had grabs over the middle that looked really fluid, in stride and sharp.

* Kicking woes continue. Kip Smith was off today, badly, and Jeff Locke shanked his attempt at the end of a two-minute drill at the end of practice. Someone’s gotta turn it on, or this could be an issue for a while.

* Dalton Hilliard saw a lot of time with the ones today, and Neuheisel said that he and Riley were battling it out of the position. Hilliard missed spring and Riley missed a portion of summer, so the two are pretty even as they both have been working back toward full strength.

* Chris Ward is on crutches and in a walking boot, but he said it’s a low ankle sprain as opposed to the dreaded high-ankle deal. He said he’s still in pretty bad pain, and there’s no timetable for his return.

* Taylor Embree’s tests were negative and he’s still just working back from a strain, though it continues to drag on. There’s still no timetable for him, either.

* Nelson Rosario missed practice because of sickness, but Alex Mascarenas was back in full action after recovering from a concussion.

* Neuheiel had this to say about former UCLA F-back Morrell Presley, who was arrested on Aug. 17 in Maricopa County, Ariz., on charges of third-degree criminal trespassing and burglary: “I’m disappointed for him. I enjoyed the young man and I’m sorry he’s no longer here. He made the choice that it wasn’t in his best interest to be here, and hopefully he can learn from his mistakes and become productive again.”

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  • 909Bruin

    Jon, last year Embree was back returning punts. Do you know who the staff is looking to do that this year? What about KO returns? Embree being hurt is going to cost him his starting job….Shaq will take his place and do it better.

  • The MacLeaner

    Presley – wow

  • MichaelRyerson

    nice post, Jon. some good, some bad, Houston just around the corner. I’ll be at the game (with a mystery guest in from Louisiana) and post some eyewitness stuff following. The Pressley thing is heartbreaking.

  • ucla34

    How did Hundley look today Jon?

    You mean to tell me there were no injuries today and that injured ones are actually getting better?

    What’s going on here? Kind of fishy! Lol

  • Hundley looked OK. Still pretty rusty.

  • CuriousBruin

    Jon, what are your thoughts on a two quarterback system? Do you believe if you have two quarterbacks you have none? Prince is the runner and Richard the passer. Do you believe cn will entertain the thought of rotating them based on their strength?

    And as always great job! You put the other reporters to shame. We feel lucky we have a reporter who goes beyond what’s expected.

  • Anonymous

    I like that… Prince is the Runner, Brehaut is the Gunner.

  • Brock

    Ya… So the opposing team knows what’s most likely coming.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Jon: (Or another who may know?)
    I’ve forgotten how the extra-year rule works regarding injuries, etc. Of course, it’s 6th-year Houston QB Case Keenum I’m refering to here … was it tougher “back in the day” at one time? You know, like injured in an official game and you burned that year?
    I understand Keenum tore ACL against us in Game 3 last year. What if it had been Game 4 or 5?
    Do you know if controversy surrounded the decision or was it just rubber-stamp granted?
    Just curious.

  • Marc

    I believe that the coach must choose a starting quarterback soon and stick with him. Indecisiveness does no one any good on this matter. The guy picked to be the starter will benefit from increased reps with the first unit and the knowledge that he is No. 1. The number two guy will, hopefully, dig in and work extremely hard with the twos knowing he is one play away from playing.

    Not picking one leaves two guys thinking I could get pulled at any time. Also, no one getting all primary first string reps.

    I think coach is doomed if he can’t make a decision and stick with it. We are just over one week away from game one. This is disappointing.

  • BruinBrent

    I disagree. RB and KP are fighting for their lives right now and I am convinced that it is making them better. Ultimately, I am convinced that RB will win this, and that this competition is fundamentally making him better. KP also is being forced to push himself. I honestly expect great things from both of these guys, assuming (which is likely a bad bet) that they stay healthy.

    Either way, BH redshirts and dominates PAC-12 in two years.

  • samo hopar

    when has a two qb system worked?

  • Anonymous

    Hey Sam… Urban Meyer used a 2 qb system with Chris Leak and Tim Tebow. Lloyd Carr did it with Drew Henson and Tom Brady. Steve Spurrier didn’t hesitate to platoon his QBs (Jesse Palmer and Dough Johnson) while he was in Florida. Bobby Bowden had his share of success by platooning QBs. etc…

  • BruinPain

    I wanted CRN to come back to coach our Bruins but I’ve been mystified at his mishandling of our QBs since he’s been here. Some QB guru! If that entails screaming like a mad man at your QBs after they make an error rather than teach then CRN is our guy. If you give the OK to one of your QBs to play baseball and then hold a grudge against him. If you wait until a week before the first game of the season to name your starting QB undermining their confidence. Seriously, what QB has made any substantial progress during CRNs tenure. I hope I’m proved WRONG by this coming season’s QB play! I hope we have a winning season but if we don’t just remember that UCLA and a winning record recruit not Neuheisel. Go Bruins!

  • Ley

    Bruin Pain Rookie, you are way out of your league on this one. These two QB’s should no this sysytem hands down and obviously don’t. Coach RN exclaims that they are great in the classroom and then fail on the field. I dont blame him for yelling and I guess you have never played sports because, HELLO, coaches yell!!!! The D fensive CO yells all practice at his guys. I guess you want to baby them and make them SOFT.

  • BruinPain

    Bruinpain wants to see the same soft product on the field I guess. What an idiot. These players need discipline and when they make terrible reads and throw interceptions all the time then its more than reasonable for a QB coach to yell at them.

  • BruinPain

    First of all, the last comment was not made by me.

    When a child makes an error do you yell or at them or teach them. This is not to say that football needs discipline because it does and there should be consequences for poor discipline and poor play. I never saw Coach Wooden screaming like a wild man to get his point across while he COACHED the Bruins to 10 NCAA Championships.

    As I said before, none of the QBs have improved under CRN. At what point do you stop blaming the QBs and starting looking at the “guru.” That other QB “guru” Chow didn’t exactly work out did he?

    BTW, grown men can post without resorting to name calling. Go Bruins!

  • Marc

    Nice copy paste from the Bruinsnation website on “two quarterback” situations. The plain fact is it works less often than it does work. UCLA has been, for a myriad of reasons, going with multiple quarterbacks over the last several years. How successful has that been?

    Quit bashing eachother who don’t agree. We may not agree on the coaches decisions, but we are all Bruin fans. The immature, childish bantering is pathetic. It us not the way adults conduct themselves.

    I just hope we win. I went to the scrimmage and liked what I saw a little bit. I think this team will surprise a lot of folks. It starts with health, confidence and hard work. Let’s hope we can be cheering on this team in some big games later in the fall. That’ll mean there are things being played for.

  • Ley

    We are screwed without a real QB and have been for the last four years. Neuheisel has not had someone who is even been close to being a legit QB (thats why we need Hundley to play, and he’s a freshman). Everyone keeps talking about these are kids, no yelling etc. This is football and its about who can hit the hardest and knock the other QB or receiver out of the game!!!(run over the other team) We have had to rely on our defense over and over! I’m tired of being the NICE bruin fans and I want this team to finally step up and be aggressive/smash mouth football! Why do you think we brought in new coordinators. Nice is out the window.
    Everyone sounds like tennis fans!

  • Arthur Ashe Fan

    I agree Marc!

    Bruin Pain šŸ˜‰