What are UCLA’s odds to win the Pac-12?

Odds to win the Pac-12 title and North and South Divisions:

PAC 12 Conference 2011 – Odds to Win Conference

Oregon 2/1

Stanford 3/1

Arizona State 11/2

Utah 13/2

Arizona 8/1

Washington 16/1

Oregon State 16/1

UCLA 18/1

California 20/1

Colorado 22/1

Washington State 100/1

PAC 12 Conference 2011 – Odds to Win North Division

Oregon 5/4

Stanford 7/4

Oregon State 13/2

Washington 13/2

California 10/1

Washington State 40/1

PAC 12 Conference 2011 – Odds to Win South Division

Arizona State 9/5

Utah 2/1

Arizona 3/1

UCLA 6/1

Colorado 8/1

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Ahead of USC (just saying that feels good, regardless of probabtion) & Cal, and still under the radar …
    Not a bad place to be.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t any chance of winning still better than no chance? So much for USC math.

  • Bruintx

    Gambling websites consider the participants in the Championship games to be the winners of the conferences/divisions. They understand perfectly!! If you make a bet on which team wins any particular conference during BB season, all gambling websites consider the team with the #1 seed in their tournament to be the conference champ. If you’re not eligible for the tourney, you wont be considered eligible to be the conference champ. You would only be considered the team with the best record that didn’t win squat.

    If a football team on probation goes undefeated and all other Div I teams have one or more losses, they do NOT win the National Championship no matter how you rationalize it. That team can claim they won something, but in the end they won nothing official.

    And since U$C cannot play in the Conference Championship game, they have NO CHANCE of winning anything except a few regular season games… end of story.

  • booty11

    And yet again another moron bruin fan writes. USC actually would win the AP title if they went undefeated and every other team had one loss. So in the end they would have won something big instead of just a couple of games.

    Now bruins lets get back to that Eagle Bank Bowl baby!

  • Go away Booty

    You’re the real moron here, getting all bent about some innocuous comments that aren’t even that serious. Love all your “ifs” and “would haves.” Guess that’s all your loser program can look forward to . . . .

  • booty11

    Loser program? Im confused did USC go 4-8 (2-7) last year? Because that sounds like a loser program. Ohh but it was prob tough replacing so many guys from that legendary Eagle Bank Bowl winning team. USC went 8-5 and you woulda thought the world was coming to an end. If ucla went 8-5 they would give slick rick a 5 year extension. But you are prob right ucla fan, USC getting a top 5 recruiting class even on probation is def a sign of a loser program.

  • Anonymous

    I think what he meant was, YOU are the loser booty. That’s the only explanation for someone who constantly checks another team’s message board to see if anyone is responding to his posts. LOL