In case you missed it

Here’s my story in today’s paper and online from UCLA’s practice yesterday and the continuedthe continued quarterback controversy.

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  • Anon

    Last year, Jon critiqued Coach Rick on the grounds that he botched the QB situation by continually splitting their time with the first team and thereby preventing the offense from developing. Is he repeating the mistake this year or is he just holding off on saying anything official while actually giving Prince the bulk of the first team reps?

  • Keith

    It may be that Rick is not announcing the QB so that Houston doesn’t know who to prepare for. Both QBs have different abilities. With Prince you would plan for more of a ground game, and with Brehaut more passing. It might be a smart move by the ol’ fox.

  • samo hopar

    He’s not announcing because Prince wasn’t playing as well as Breahaut in the beginning when everyone was watching, but is now that nobody is there to see it. So when he names Prince as the starter early, too many idiots are going to claim favoritism and bash Prince for an entire week before the game. I’m sure guys will see it, hear about it, etc… and it might have an effect on or off the field.

  • The Blur

    When you have two quarterbacks, it really means you have none. Let’s face it: neither of these guys have been able to show they can play at the D1 level. I don’t really care how Neu handles this because there’s nothing he can do to make these guys good enough to be an acceptable starter. This has nothing to do with favorites or other politics. Prince has won more games for Neuheisel than Brehaut has, so I understand why he’d go with Prince. Do people really think Neu doesn’t want Brehaut to light it up at practice and clearly establish himself as the starter? It just hasn’t happened. With Brehaut’s track record in actual games, he’s gonna have to do more than be a little better in practice.

    I agree Neu should put packages together for Hundley to get him on the field. Ultimately, that’s our guy.