What up, Bruins fans.

This is Vinny Bonsignore, I’m filling in today for Jon Gold.

Just got off the conference call with Rick Neuheisel after the scrimmage today, and I thought you might be interested in a few things.

No, he didn’t decide on who is starting quarterback is, although he did say he’ll work through some options (presumably this weekend) and inform Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut of the outcome early next week.

He said Kevin looked sharp, but that neither really aired it out much and he’s happy with where each guy is.

The scrimmage had a definite smash-mouth feel to it, according to Neuheisel, and among the bright spots was the play of freshman quarterback Brett Hundley, who was getting his first taste of scrimmage action this fall.

Hundley wasn’t a live target, but he apparently showed a nice command of the playbook and is on target to play a role this year.

Neuheisel says to expect Hundley to play the Tim Tebow/Terrelle Pryor type role both of those guys played as freshman at Florida and Ohio State.

There were no injuries to report, and as far as guys on the mend, there was some good news to report:

Guard Jeff Baca is progressing faster than expected from the broken ankle he suffered last spring, and Neuhesiel now says there is a chance Baca wil be back by week two against San Jose State.

“He could start practicing as early as next week,” Neuhesiel said. “But we’ll be prudent as far as when he gets back on the field.”

Wide receiver Taylor Embree, who is dealing with a calf injury, went through all pre-scrimmage warm ups and should return to practice Monday.

If anything else comes up I’ll hook you guys as fast as I can.

Be sure to check out the full notebook, which should be up around 11:30 p.m. at tonight.


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  • Brock

    I also have to say I’m a little worried. They took a full scrimmage at the rose bowl to primarily work on their running when were in the midst of a quarterback battle? Dear lord that is frightening.

  • Ryan Seacrest called…

    …he wants his catchphrase back…

  • Brock

    wow, people listen to ryan seacrest?

  • Stu

    Thanks. That’s interesting news re Hundley.

    Unless you like videos (I don’t), Gold’s blog is better in his absence.

  • Amos Alonzo Stagg

    If Vince Lombardi came back and read the moronic
    comments in Mr. Gold’s blog (and the writings of his stand-ins), he’d straighten his tie, smooth his white Oxford shirt, and then lay his cleated foot 2 feet up their asses, after which saying: “Some people try to find things in this game that don’t exist, but football is only two things – blocking and tackling. Without a team having those competencies, it doesn’t make a difference who plays quarterback, running back, or kicks field goals.”

  • cliq

    kind of have to agree with Stu about the videos (not about content, since this is just a summary of a phone call…). I come here to consume my updates through reading. Especially at work.

    I don’t think I’ve ever watched a video. You should seriously look at page hits to video views ratio VS page hits to article click throughs. Or event comments on video posts vs comments on non video posts. You’ll probably see higher legitimate numbers on written posts than on videos.

    Probably the BEST thing you could do is write out the script (though this would seem a bit too time consuming for you) or a summary below it. Even key quotes would be good.. hell it may even entice me to watch, if the quotes are interesting. Think about what ESPN does. They always have a video and a corresponding article beneath it for those that can’t watch or would prefer to read or want to get a better idea of the content of the video.

    Just my 2 cents Jon.

  • Coach Thom

    I like the videos. I get to feel I know the players. How many of the posters on this board are UCLA fans? Very few, I’m sure.

  • JoJoBruin

    Bunch of crybaby fans…no wonder Ucla is hurting…

  • Anonymous

    video, written reports, stand in reporters it doesn’t matter. The fact that stands out is that John Gold is a lazy journalist and most of what he reports is fluff and could be seen in 10-15 minutes of practice. UCLA deserves better.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Vinny? Vinny Bonsigniore?? Are you the same Vinny Bonsignore from Cancun in ’96?? Oh man, did you ever pay that bar manager for the broken furniture? Oowee! Good times, huh?


    Love it.

    You guys gets more daily football news than SC’s Scott Wolf puts out in a week.

    And Jon Gold is lazy?– what does that make Wolf– a glacier, a petrified tree, a solitary lamp post?

  • futurebruin13

    The anonymous posters taking the cheap shots are either trolls or just whiny fans. Why don’t you guys get some balls and make an account so you can have a legitimate conversation? You won’t because you don’t have anything legitimate to say other then drive by douche-bag comments. I thoroughly enjoy Mr. Golds FREE blog, some people need to get their expectations in check.

  • Vincent Bonsignore

    Re:MichaelRyerson and the Cancun comment

    Different Vinny Bonsignore, but by the sound of things I wish I had been there. Sounds like a heck of a time! Next time you go be sure to mix in a call!!

  • GlendoraBruin

    Hundley will make an impact his freshman year, either by starting (by the 5th game I predict) or by coming in on special packages to use his awesome athletic ability. Lucien is legit as well, he will show Embree the door. We are young but very talented and our new coaches in key positions will make a HUGE impact. A head coach is only as good as his staff and let’s hope this current staff is what we need to get us back on track…

  • bruinbiochem06

    I agree with Coach Thom. Video interviews have allowed me to know the players on a much more personal level. It almost feels like I’m part of the team. Keep up the good work Jon!
    And Clic, how can u criticize the videos when u haven’t even watched them?! Just saying…

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    GBruin: I agree. In fact, if not for injury, I believe Hundley could have been named starter by the onset of Pac-12 play. Did you see the kid in the prep All-American game? Forget his amazing quickness, poise and strength on the run; he WON THE THROWING contest, as well. His coming out of H.S. early is what would have gave him enough time to beat out KP and RB, but now it’s up to how quickly he heals. Until then, the competition is great for EVERYBODY. It’s clear that Hundley is the future and, with this Bruin squad anyways, the future is quickly becoming now at several key spots.

  • Anon

    Problem with the video interviews is that John talks way too much. Questions are very looooooooooong.

  • Brock

    What kind of questions would you prefer jon to ask?

  • Michaelryerson

    Short ones.

  • Anon


    For example, I saw a tiny bit of the Glen Love interview. His first question was about Love always being in a competition but he talked about at length then asked how he felt about it. Well, he basically was telling love you are never good enough to win out and how does it feel to be doing all over again. His first question should be: “How do you feel the LB competition going?” Love answers. “What makes this competition different than prior years?” Love answers.

    Me as the audience am hearing more of the player speak than the interviewer.

  • OK, fine, I’ll explain myself, even though it is absolutely ridiculous I have to do so.

    1) We are allowed five people to interview on any given day, and it is frowned upon to do more than a couple videos with players because of time constraints…
    2) Because of that, I have to treat videos as if they’re my interviews for potential newspaper stories…
    3) Because of that, a question like, “How is the LB competition going?” is worthless. The answer I get from a question like that would never, could never, will never and won’t ever be used by me in a story.
    4) These are college students. Not all of them are interview-savvy, and in fact, some of them can’t give a viable answer unless I ask it in a certain way that helps me tell the story.
    5) By asking in-depth questions, or questions that take a lot to build up to, I am trying to elicit a certain kind of answer. A better answer. Saying, “How’s camp?” gives me zero insight, and thus, you zero insight.
    6) These videos are a pain in the butt to upload, process, cut, upload to youtube and post. If you don’t like my interviewing style, do not watch them. If you keep complaining, I’ll stop posting them, because it’s honestly getting incredibly irritating to read the same constant criticism for a service that I provide on m time, because I think it’s a good thing.

  • GlendoraBruin

    Jon, don’t let this negativity deter you. You are doing a great job and all those that matter appreciate your time, insight and efforts. It’s just sad how many people criticize without ever taking into account their own lack of meaningful contributions. Save the hate for our rivals, not for one another.

  • cliq

    Hey Jon (and other commenters)

    I’m not being critical on the quality or content of the videos (though I can’t speak for others). Just letting you know how this reader consumes his content.

    I think you’re putting in good effort Jon, and the video puts character to faces on the team which is appreciated. I tie my comments back to the example about how video content is shared on ESPN – a video with accompanying text. I think that could help a lot of people who visit this blog. More engaged readers can lead to more video clicks can lead to more page views can lead to more revenue for your blog.

    I hope this is helpful.

  • Maze

    For Anon, Stu, Cliq, Ryerson, and any other so-called UCLA fans: if you don’t like the blog, don’t read it. Your whiney little ruminations are pathetic.

    Jon doesn’t come to your jobs (if any of you have one) and knock the dicks out of your mouth.

  • cliq

    maze, I never said I didn’t like the blog. i’m simply giving some suggestions on how to improve it, as a reader. whether or not it’s helpful (or worth it) to most of his audience, is up to Jon to decide. not at any point did I knock at Jon’s work. Just trying to provide some helpful feedback. Kind of sad you’re going to try and call out my fan hood because of it, when you have no idea who I am or what I do for this community.

  • Anonymous

    Jon- You’re team coverage has been great. I especially enjoy the videos, as they give us a greater understanding of the players. Not only do we get the player’s comments, but we can also observe body language, confidence, and other intangible qualities.

    “Fans”- Why read an article and only receive partial quotes which the author deems relevant, when you can see the entire interview? Plus, if I was a 17-year-old recruit, I’d be enamored with the idea of some day seeing my video on Jon’s site.

    Anonymous out.