On the hot seat?

Good morning! Here’s my piece in our college football preview section on Rick Neuheisel and Lane Kiffin.Who’s on the hot seat? Yup, I’m well aware this is a UCLA blog, but it’s one of those combo articles. One guy thinks he’s on the hot seat and the other doesn’t, but you might be surprised by who doesn’t think he’s on the hot seat. You’ll hear from Lane and Rick and ADs Dan Guerrero and Pat Haden.

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About Jill Painter

Jill Painter is a sports columnist for the Los Angeles News Group, covering everything from the Dodgers, Lakers, Clippers, USC, UCLA, Kings, golf and all human interest stories in sports.
  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Nice work here, Jill.
    Fact is, Kiffin, over his head here, is gone by 2013 as USC slides off somewhere closer to .500 …
    Meanwhile, CRN just might pull this thing off under more of an old Soviet-style “5-year plan.” Could he take UCLA where it’s never been before? Amazing that hope is still there, but I believe he could.

  • PhoenixBruin2

    Jill, your assessment of UCLA football seems to be a bit short-sighted. You speak about the program as if it has existed for only the past decade. Surely we have fallen on hard times, but if one were to write an article on $C football in the 90’s, the decade where we beat them 8 straight games, you might label them as a non-football school as well (although, what would you call them because it most certainly wouldn’t be basketball. Baseball maybe?). The same can be said for Notre Dame going back how many years now? The point is, we are struggling now, but hope to get back to where we were before this string of injuries, bad coaching decisions, and more injuries. Our expectations in Westwood this season are that we are looking for improvement, but that doesn’t mean that we will stand for anything. Dorrell getting fired a couple seasons after winning 10 games should tell you that. We have a rich football tradition here, and you would notice that if you focused on the program as a whole and not just the past few years.

  • BruiNinOC

    Jill, did you really talk to CRN? Really??? He has stated multiple times that he realizes he is on the “hot seat” the last few months. Rick knows how important this season is and understands the consequences of missing the mark.

    CRN is always optimistic and is focused on the season not what might happened at the end of the season. Why let this become a distraction to 18-22 year old college students.

    Jill, I find your article misleads its readers and to be fair you should ask more questions, not assume the answers.

    PS Jill, all DI football coaches are politicians.

  • Anonymous

    Am I mistaken or was Jill painter the reporter who basically got on her hands and knees and begged pete carroll to stay as the savior of los angeles football in an article just prior to him going to the seahawks? Such a transparent lack of balance. Rick N. Has said on MANY occasions reported in the daily news that hr recognizes his tenuous position this year. One is described as a “realist” and the other a “politician” – Gee, I wonder who Ms. Painter wants to paint in a positive light?

  • Anonymous

    Confirmed. Here’s what the esteemed Ms. painter wrote in her farewell to pete carroll, “”Please don’t go, Pete. Pete Carroll is everything that’s right about college football.”
    With all due respect – barf.

  • Sunset Bruin

    Great article, Jill. Thanks!

  • Jill Painter is a joke.

  • Go Bruins!!
  • PhoenixBruin2

    A Jill Painter gem from January 2010

    “Please don’t go, Pete.

    Pete Carroll is everything that’s right about college football. He is college football.

    His enthusiasm is refreshingly infectious. He absolutely loves his job at USC. Carroll put college football in the palm of his hand and skipped and danced and laughed.

    Carroll has fun with whatever he does, whether he’s fist-pumping in victory after the Emerald Bowl or driving the streets of Compton in the middle of the night, searching to warm the hearts of troubledyouth.

    Carroll and college football go together like Hollywood and red carpets.

    Carroll is breaking up with USC at a time the program …”

    Wow is all you can say really.

  • Of course I talked to Rick. I don’t make up quotes. He said, when asked if he felt he was on the hot seat: “I REALLY DON’T. But, I’m wise enough to know that you have to do well in this business, or they’re going to look elsewhere.” Sorry if you don’t like the answer or you think he told other reporters something else. I go by my own reporting, not someone else’s.

  • Coach Thom

    Easy on Jill, guys. She obviously believes that infectious fist-pumping, roaming the dark streets of Compton to spread warmth and compassion, and racking up a multitude of NCAA violations is all part of ‘college football’. And, yes, in that sense, Pete Carroll was certainly ‘college football’.

  • samo hopar

    A: Her article on Pete Carrol does not automatically make this article garbage. That’s just stupid.

    B: This article has a strong anti-UCLA bias. Calling Neu a politician has certain, obvious connotations as opposed to our surly realist friend at USC. She later writes, “even after a 4-8, 2-7 Pac-10 campaign that’s intolerable even in Westwood.” EVEN IN WESTWOOD, where we strive to be average, at best, 4-8 is not cutting it. Well put Jill. Lastly, just based on this article alone, its obvious to me that coach Neu knows he’s on the “hot seat” and has to do well this year, yet Jill somehow concludes “One’s on the hot seat but doesn’t know it (Neu)…” He definitely knows it, even based on this article alone Jill. That’s why he talked about getting fired and it being a road bump. Wow.

    C: This was a very poor article, reeking of bias with a ridiculous conclusion. A USC fanblog couldn’t have done better.

  • The Macleaner

    “Carroll has fun with whatever he does, whether he’s fist-pumping in victory after the Emerald Bowl or driving the streets of Compton in the middle of the night, searching to warm the hearts of troubledyouth.”


  • BruinAZ


    Please don’t allow Jill to post anything anymore on this board in your absence. She is everything that is WRONG with unbiased reporting. She is actually everything that is wrong with reporting, period.

    I would rather see no posts at all while you are gone than the crap she puts up here. I’m sure that I am not alone in stating that.



    Painter, the mark of a bad offense is one that is unimaginative, running into the same point in a line and still getting thrown for a loss. It is also bore.
    Painter, the mark of bad writing is one that is unimaginative, running into the same point in a line and still getting thrown for a loss. It is also a bore.
    Do you think anyone want to read thin, refried cliches and shallow research? Do you really get up in the morning to uncork a line a line like….”USC is still a football school, and UCLA is still a basketball school…” ?
    Really? Did you come up with that one all by yourself? Do you expect payment for such? Have you ever even cracked open a media guide, digital or otherwise, about UCLA football?
    Do you have any idea that UCLA won a modern era national championship in football in 1954, and contended for it in other years…1988, 1967, 1965, 1976, 1952, 1966 and 1998, when it was #1 in the initial BCS in ’98 10 wins into the season? That UCLA beat ‘the football school” 8 times in a row from 1991-1998? That perhaps you can count on maybe nine fingers universities that have won a modern national championship in both football and men’s basketball and UCLA is one of them? Did this article really have anything worth reading. I recall initially squinting at the mini-headline and scrunched it appeared to read -Jill Painter..Hot or Not……..Not, I say…..

  • Anonymous

    Chill out, folks; it only matters so much. It is free content to read: don’t be such ungrateful slobs at a state school. I love UCLA and all her teams, but sometimes the Den just drives me up a wall. At least Wooden kept things classy [mostly].

  • Anonymous

    Completely agree with BruinAZ. Jill Painter is beyond bad plus then we have to put up with her mom coming around here defending her under the screen name Coach Thom.

  • My mom died three years ago.