Neuheisel and his QBs

Good morning. Here’s today’s piece on how Neuheisel is enjoying running the quarterbacks show again, how Kevin Prince felt about their relationship last year and how Richard Brehaut deals with Neuheisel yelling at him. Read on.

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  • Wow, I don’t think I have ever seen a less flattering picture of Neuheisel. Unless he’s in the process of dropping an F-bomb.

  • dmc

    I just don’t think much of Neuheisel as a teacher. He gets frustrated and yells, but that seems to be more a reflection of his failure to teach than the players’ ability to learn. As a example, I don’t think Coach Wooden was much of a screamer, but he was a heck of a teacher.


    Aaaah, August, wonderful August, when all the college football teams are undefeated, and most of them are highly optimistic for a successful season.

    But then comes September, and the first game leaves half the schools dismembered

  • Watty

    Aaaah, August, wonderful August, when BE REAL graces our presence with his condescending sanctimonious nonsense.

  • Anonymous

    dmc, possibly you were not even born when coach won his final championship, so that is why you don’t know. Coach was a heck of a screamer, too. Check with any of his players.

  • samo hopar

    Much, much better.

  • BruinPain

    Boni pastoris est tondere pecus non deglubere.