Post-practice update: quarterback announcement tease

*No announcement from coach Rick Neuheisel on the starting quarterback. He did, however, say that he would talk to both Prince and Brehaut this afternoon, after which he will hold a conference call with media members. I was told the call will be at 6 p.m. and both Prince and Brehaut would be on the line. I’ll try to post as quickly as I can after the call. Looks like he’s going to clear his 48-hour deadline in plenty of time.

When asked why he wouldn’t wait until gameday since he’s dragged it out till now, Neuheisel had this to say.

“I don’t think Houston cares. I wasn’t doing it to befuddle Houston. I was doing it to get the most out of these kids and I don’t want it to become a distraction as we get closer to game time. I wanted to make sure everybody was continuing to compete and continuing to improve and I got that out of them.”

*Both still looked to be taking equal reps with the first team and throwing the ball pretty well. The receivers didn’t help either of their cases as the team struggled with hanging on to the ball. Cory Harkey dropped two catchable balls, one from each quarterback, and Joseph Fauria dropped a sure touchdown. Nelson Rosario was a victim of the drops as well.

*Datone Jones continues to impress. He came flying across the field from his left end position to pick off a Kevin Prince pass and head up the right sideline. Prince clearly didn’t see him coming, I’m not sure anybody did. That guy could do some really big things this year.

*The crowd noise continued today and the players seemed to respond well to it. With just two more practices until gameday, everything looks crisp and polished, leaps and bounds ahead of the first week of camp (with the exception of those drops, of course.)

*Transfer offensive lineman Albert Cid came late to practice. Neuheisel said they were clearing up a paperwork issue but that he’s good to go now.

*No sign of Brandon Willis today. Neuheisel said he couldn’t comment on him yet.

*Neuheisel announced that he awarded long snapper Kevin McDermott a scholarship. Apparently, he didn’t notify the depth chart people because he’s still listed as a non-scholarship player there.

“It’s always a fun thing to be able to put somebody on scholarship that has earned their spot on this roster and has become a frontline player,” Neuheisel said. “Kevin has certainly done that and he’s very deserving. Hopefully he’ll have an outstanding year as we’ve been lucky here to have a great long snapper in the program. I’m excited for him.”

Videos of Neuheisel and Taylor Embree coming later today along with the quarterback announcement.

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  • Spencer

    Great reporting, Sam!

  • Hadenough

    Everything looks “crisp” except CATCHING THE BALL. Good luck guys. U guys are going to be embarassed in Houston. Don’t come home and make excuses. QB’s can’t throw, WR’s can’t catch equals a LOSS.

  • Semi-Pro

    Embree tweeted that he dislocated his finger today during practice. Will this affect his status for Saturday?

  • Sec21R14S110

    Move Harkey to tackle already…the dude can’t catch a ball to save his life. This will help solidify the O-line depth chart and free up more playing time for Fauria who’s the better route runner/pass catcher.

  • danny

    news is out—prince starts, but both will play.

  • danny

    i agree Harkey should be a tackle. It’s not like the Bruins have anybody with quick enough feet to protect the QBs, and i think throwing to harkey at this point has been proven to be a very dumb idea.