Post-practice update: game week edition

Daily News intern Sam Strong here, filling in for Gold today and tomorrow. I’ll try to do my best Jon Gold impression (videos, posts etc.) over the next couple days. Bear with me because I know this blog isn’t big enough for two rib-loving sports writers. Enjoy.

*No news on the starting quarterback front. Neuheisel said he would reach a decision within 48 hours. Kevin Prince said he was “clueless” as to where he stands in the race. Both took reps with the ones.

Prince was asked if he thought it was his job to lose from the start of camp.

“I’ve been taking the first-string reps so maybe you could look at it like that but I never went into camp thinking that it was my job. That implies that it was my job already and clearly it’s not. I went into it as an open competition and I’m just going at it and trying to get better every day.”

*The quarterbacks were working on a sliding drill after practice with Marques Tuiasosopo using a slip n’ slide for assistance. Prince joked that Darius Bell could use some work sliding then had this to say.

“I’ve learned, thankfully. It’s a way to teach us that we have to get down and protect our bodies as quarterbacks. There’s only a few of us so we’ve got to make sure that we stay on the field. I’ve learned that the hard way.”

*Today felt very much like the start of a game week. Both scout teams were working during the first few periods. They piped in crowd noise during the two-minute drill that proved to be very loud and disruptive. It was also hot today on Spaulding Field but the Bruins welcomed it as prep for the opener.

*Brandon Willis was watching practice today and helping out with some drills in street clothes. No official word from Neuheisel or the school.

*Not a great day for the kickers. Kip Smith pushed a 30 or so yarder wide right to start practice but made another one of similar length to cap a two minute drill. Neuheisel said he hasn’t made a decision yet. Said Smith is still inconsistent but he doesn’t want too much on Jeff Locke’s plate.

*Injury notes: Chris Ward and Taylor Embree practiced in full today. Ward didn’t looked hampered by his ankle at all. Embree tipped a ball that was thrown behind him and watched Andrew Abbott take it the other way. Perhaps a little rusty. Jeff Baca threw on some shoulder pads and took laps around the field but didn’t see any action. Neuheisel said he’s close to being cleared to practice.

*Videos of Neuheisel, Prince and Sheldon Price coming later today. A reminder to follow me on Twitter @samstrong21 for tomorrow’s updates. Feel free to unfollow when Jon returns.

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