All in a name

Since you’ll probalby need to know how to pronounce receiver Devin Lucien’s name this season, it’s `Loo-see-en.’
“My teammates call me Luscious Loo-scious,” Devin said.
And of course, if you still don’t know how to pronounce Richard Brehaut’s last name, it’s Bree-ho. We still don’t know if he’ll be the starting quarterback, playing in a two-QB rotation or just the backup. Much to everyone’s chagrin.

The QBs want to know already

Rick Neuheisel is well aware QBs Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut want to know who’s starting already. And fans and teammates and … well, he assumes there are other interested parties, too.
“I’m sure they do (want to know),” Neuheisel said. “Moreover, I think their parents do. Not trying to be harsh on anybody. Just making sure both continue to improve.”
The parents comment seemed interesting, so I asked him if he had any meetings with their parents.
In a word? “no.”

Neuheisel feeling no pressure to name starter

Rick Neuheisel will name a starting quarterback early next week, he said, but he’s not feeling the heat to name one. Been through this a time or two, eh? Even though he said he might use two quarterbacks, one of them has to start the season opener.
“I’ll play with that in my own mind,” Neuheisel said. “I don’t have any real feeling of urgency with respect to that. Both have started. Both have played.”
He did say he would name a starter early in the week so that it’s not ”uncomfortable for anybody.”