Live Chat from 12-1, w/ Sam Strong and me

We’ll be chatting UCLA football today at noon, talking about fall camp, our predictions for the season and specific players. Join us. Stay civil.

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  • Bruin Brian

    Hi Guys,

    Keep up the good work! Two part question if that’s O.K.

    1. Have you noticed any differnce in how the coaches are interacting with each other this year as opposed to last? In other words, are you seeing better “coaching chemistry” with CRN and the new guys?

    2. Along the same lines but more specifically………..what are you observing from the new coaches that may lead you to think coaching has improved from last year……….if it has?

  • Anonymous

    So where is the chat room?

  • DS

    Where would said chat be taking place?

  • bruinbiochem06

    yeah, where’s the chat room!?

  • Anonymous

    How important is it for us to start 3-0? How is the 2 quarterback plan affecting the QBs’ confidence and mindset?

  • Anonymous