• VAbruin

    Nice job on the write-up Jon.

    We’re all pulling for Coach Neuheisel. I hope it happens this year. I’m optimistic from the reports out of camp and hopefully that optimism will become reality on Saturday. Go Bruins!

  • JohnnyBruin

    Nice piece Jon. Way to wrap it up at the end. Last year, I recall you mentioned this (2011) season is the turning point because of the maturity returning and injuries being healed. Is that still your prediction or are you taking a cautious approach? Do you feel the same as Embree from your POV that practices have been more consistent and they are playing better? Kirk Herbstreit is predicting the Bruins win the Pac 12 South because SC can’t go to the post season. Sounds like Kirk and Neuheisel are the ones going out on a limb. Will you be joining them?

  • BruinBrent

    I am so unbelievably excited about this season. By the end of September we will know if this hype was more than a bill of goods.

    Anyone live in Honolulu and interested in watching the game this Saturday? Anyone know of a bar that’s open at 8:30 am and has FSN?

  • futurebruin13

    Great write up Jon. I’m pumped for this season. Good luck to CRN and the Bruins!

  • Brock

    Very nice story Jon. I really hope this team shows up this year and leaves it all out on the field 100% every play.