Weekly Q&A

Fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Please don’t post new questions on the answers section, because I don’t always check the comments. Save them for next week.


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  • Anonymous

    You’re doing a great job.
    What happened to Daytone?
    Did he play?
    I didn’t hear his name mentioned.


  • Anonymous

    Can the lack of tackling ability be fixed in
    1) one week
    2) two weeks
    3) at all?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Considering Prince’s fragility, what do you now hear/see regarding Hundley’s readiness, reps, etc. should he be called upon to lead this team?

  • Anonymous

    Shouldn’t the QB depth chart be
    1) Brehaut
    2) Hundley
    3) Crissman
    4) Prince
    Prince is a great athlete and football player. But Prince is clearly injury prone. Since his last year in HS, he has not played more than two consecutive games without injury. As the starter he gets all the reps with the ones during the week, then during the game when he, inevitably, gets hurt Brehaut, Hundley, Crissman, etc. aren’t as prepared.
    What would you do as head coach?

  • bruincheerleader

    Jon, greta feed back here from you during the game…thanks…

    Is our linebacking corp just too small and not physically able to handle so much of the action that occurs in the underneaths CRN was talking about?…

  • ucla34

    Jon. Would you agree that its time for KP to consider maybe retiring from football. He has heart, but seeing Brehaut look like Cafe McNown out there, I don’t see any way he can or should return. What is your opinion on this? Also, very encouraging to see the way our offense was looking. Haven’t seen over 500 yds total offense since 2006! Huge reason for optimism. Wouldn’t you agree? Thanks for all the hard work bro!

  • Anonymous

    Jon –
    Besides Luck, was Keenum the best QB Bruins will face this year?

  • Anonymous

    Comparing Bullough’s defense last year vs. Tresey’s defense this year against Houston, did it seem like Bullough played a lot more nickel and dime packages with Viney, Abbott, Hilliard, Riley and Jefferson to clog the passing lanes instead of featuring LBs like Westgate and Larimore who are less useful in coverage against faster WRs and RBs?

    Is it not fair to say that Prince is just a different type of runner (a slightly faster straight line full-back) compared to Brehaut (a quicker, shiftier half back that makes cuts) rather than better? Given that Brehaut completed nearly 2/3 of his passes, 2 TDs, 0 ints, 10+ ypa for 264 yds as well as ran for 87 yds and 1 TD in LESS THAN 3 quarters despite getting less reps than Prince thru out fall, not being warmed up, dropped passes, slippery ball in humid climate, and problems with play-calling signals, do you think CRN would be able to justify starting Prince over Brehaut again in the future?

  • Anonymous

    Other than penalties and some bad snaps, how would you rate the performance of the offensive line in terms of blocking, pass protection, execution, etc.

  • bruin fan

    Offense looked good but Houston’s defense gives about 30+ pts game. Breuhaut looked good but, I’ll wait until he plays a team with a pass rush – can he step up in the pocket and deliver.

    Kenum was able to find the mismatch all game – Westgate or Larrimore on the RB in open space. Defense looked really slow without Rahim and Akeem (Datone was not as fast as I thought – often pushed up field and lost his gap). Only Price was playing press coverage – with no pass rush why is the other corner consistently playing 10 yards off the wideout? Did the coaches mention any other adjustments like bringing in Riley as an extra db for Westgate who was struggling? Although 2nd half was better it was really because UCLA had possession of the ball. Only stops were a fumble and when Houston WR dropped 2 passes.

    Only first game but, this was really a disappointing performance.

  • Austin Jona

    Jon, What exactly is the length of time for “concussion protocol”? and what about princes sprained shoulder Neu sounded like he could still be the starter for next week or at very least the rest of the season. I thought recovery on a sprain AC joint could be at the least 3 weeks maybe up to 6! Am I living a nightmare here thinking that Neu is going to continue to coddle Prince along and start him this weekend or even later in the season. It seems outragegeous that Neu would not just work Brehaut’s butt of with 100% of reps and keep the postive offense deal rolling!! I DONT GET IT! Please give us some clarity on these issues!!

  • Legalsean

    Does the head coach of the Bruins have any shame? Would you agree to ask him when he plans to step down as head coach?

  • David

    What accounted for Datone Jones’ disappearing act? Was he effectively schemed against, or maybe we were too quick in naming him an Ayers/Price-level defender?

  • Anonymous

    Westgate is a good guy and he plays hard all the time but it has been clear for about a year now that he is just not good enough to be a starting linebacker at UCLA. Yet, he continues to start over players like Love, Kendricks, and Zumwalt. What do the coaches see in Westgate that the fans don’t?

  • Anonymous

    Can I step away from the ledge?

  • Anonymous

    Why does UCLA have such a difficult time with spread offenses like Houston? Are they not recruiting the right personnel? What should have been the defensive game plan against Houston?

  • ucla34

    I have not felt so happy and optimistic about a loss like this one in such a long time! Would you agree Jon?

  • ookla

    I think Westgate is the weak link in the LB corpse. I watched him miss several tackles and continuously be out of position against houston. Is he the best we have for that position. I dont understand how the coaches can’t see it. Maybe you have a better perspective. Thanks.

  • Cheat On!

    Some Eeyores are already crying and declaring the season another disaster, some Pollyannas are seeing light at the end of a long tunnel. What can we take away from this game? What worked and what didn’t and what does that mean for the rest of the season?

  • Cheat On!

    Why so many missed tackles? I see this a lot with college teams. Last year suc couldn’t tackle a Girl Scout for cookies in their first few games. Why do so many elite athletes whiff on such fundamental skills during a game?7tbgz4

  • North Campus Bruin

    In the past you’ve mentioned the importance of having players who don’t just like to win but HATE to lose. I couldn’t agree more. Did you see any kind of change in attitude towards this in the locker room after the Huston game?

  • Mike B

    Why is Westgate still starting? Don’t the coaches see the same missed tackles that we do?

  • ty

    WHY ISNT DETRIECH RYLEY STARTING??? Am I the only one who seen Dalton hilliard missing big tackles(not rapping)… macreneas did better then hilliard!!! DETREICH RYLEY IS OUR BEST STRONG SAFETY/TACKLER!!! We need our best athletes on the field… do you agree?

  • The Blur

    Brehaut looks like he’s the clear choice at starter now. But you can’t sit Hundley for two years, can you? When do we mix in the freshman?

  • Arnaud Moto is visiting UCLA on the 24th of this month. I have heard he is down to UCLA and Vanderbilt. Can you confirm? Also, any info you have on Moto’s recruitment would be appreciated.


  • Anonymous

    Hey Jon,

    if Ok, OK St., TX, and TX Tech join the PAC 12 do you want my UCLA tickets?

    I cant bear to watch UCLA football vs these teams. The way the program is run and hindered by the administration we will compete with WAZZU for the bottom.

  • Blitzed

    OCR reports better then 50/50 Prince sees snaps Saturday. Given his health, Brehaut’s performance in Houston, and the fact it’s San Jose, who do you start/play the majority of snaps?

  • Anonymous

    Did u know the classic film, “North Dallas Forty” was filmed on Spalding film? I saw myself when I watch on cable this weekend.

  • Tim

    Would you say this game puts Tresey in a hot seat? Would you say our defensive performance in the game was better or worse than with Bullough?
    Is our offense really this much better, or are they just looking good against a weak Conference USA defense?
    What would it take to beat Stanford?

  • Anonymous

    So the defensive and kicking woes against Houston, Karl Darrell is to blame, right?

  • Anonymous

    Have you asked DG how the football team will benefit from increased revenue of new PAC 12 network? History shows, not much.

  • Anonymous

    + or – 35k at Rose Bowl for home opener?

  • JohnG

    If Prince doesn’t get hurt, when do you think Brehaut would have played in the Houston game? Would have been tough to pull Prince if the score was close and he was playing well. San Jose State SHOULD make it a little easier to play both QBs.

  • lancers07

    Marmonte League predictions? Any chance for TO?

  • Island Bruin

    Jon, It seems the defense has been passive in scheme and play since DeWayne Walker left. Do you agree and is this a result of CRN being an offensive coach, player talent/skill level or just a product of circumstance beyond control? Also, withe lack of dept at CB will Anthony Jefferson be expected to play once he is cleared?

  • Take off eh

    You think the defense was much better in the second half. If the game went into OT, between the kicking game and piss poor defense, do you think UCLA has a chance? I know I don’t.

  • Mt Hermon

    Nelson Rosario got an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty in the Houston game. It looked to me as if he was tossing the ball to the ref, but it hit a Houston player by accident. Is this accurate, or did he really throw it at the opponent? Maybe they should just leave the ball on the ground rather than throw it to a ref.

  • VBruin

    Everybody’s talking about how bad it would be if Prince returns as a starter against SJSU. Ok, Brehaut was great, but before the injury, Prince was 3-3 in the passing game. Do you think Prince’s return would be that bad?