Post-Practice Update

* A good practice tonight with good energy, and a pretty good tempo. The passing game looked really sharp, but Rick Neuheisel had some issues with the reads with Richard Brehaut and let him have it. Overall, not bad.

* Brett Hundley got second-string reps as expected and his passing was much-improved over recent weeks as he recovered from knee surgery.

* Big news today was the one-game suspension of Kai Maiava for a violation of team rules. Sophomore Greg Capella will start in his place on Saturday, with freshman Jacob Brendel as backup.

* Other big news: Jeff Baca returned, albeit in relatively light action, and he says he’s still working his way back into football shape, and intimated that he’s a ways away:
“I’m in running shape, not football shape. … It’s six-second bursts. You block for six second and you go all out; running shape, you’re striding here, sprinting the first 10, striding the rest. The only way to get into football shape is to play.”
Bob Palcic, though, insisted Baca can and will play on Saturday, and that we could see Brendel in the game.

* Also, as has been written ad nauseum, Brandon Willis has rejoined UCLA and began practicing today. He said he’s held up in relatively good shape – video on him later – but understands he’s gonna take a while to get back and going.

  • BruinPain

    what? no update on kip’s suicide watch?

  • Dan

    You are going to see prince play on Saturday and here is why….brehaut FORGOT a play on Saturday. He took the snap, froze for a second and then took off running because he couldn’t remember what he was supposed to do. Neuheisel was furious.

  • Tim

    Got any citation on that, Dan? I’m just curious. Brehaut’s always seemed a little like he was his on the head one to many times, but he’s really impressed me at other moments.
    I really hope Prince gets healthy, and stays that way for when Brehaut has one of his fall apart moments. (And so we can redshirt Hundley)

  • Dan

    Tim, I would probably ask the same question. I had dinner with an offensive player from ucla Monday night, but I won’t reveal his name. He didn’t say it to bash brehaut, nor do I. The kid can play. But for people who can’t understand why prince starts, that is why. The coaches have their jobs in the QB’s hands, and you can understand why they might feel more comfortable with prince. They would rather lose on a physical error than a mental one.

  • UCLAFan 11

    Wow, Dan….if that’s true then Brehaut really IS Matt Saracen, at least from Season 1 FNL!! Hmm, now if only Prince were Jason Street…haha!

    At least there is always Hundley our Savior!

  • BruinPain

    Oh Jon,

    Do you know when Prince will take the snaps again because God forbid Brehaut continues as he has…right Dan & Tim?

  • BruinFaithful

    First Maiava disappoints and let’s his teammates down with his play on the field on Saturday, then with his bowl off the field, who knows when.

    Maybe this explains his relapse in execution. Must be hard to remember the right snap count with all that THC in your system.

    Does Neuheisel still think this team doesn’t have a Pot problem?

    Instead of all those NCAA violations stories he puts up on the Story Board in the Locker Room, maybe he needs to post a schedule for NA Meetings.

    Don’t these guys know how to take Golden Seal or whatever?

    In the 80’s guys were testing positive for steroids, now it seems it’s all Marijuana.

  • CrouchingBruin

    At least Capella’s going to get a lot of practice at center before Saturday. I remember him coming in last year for Ryan Taylor in the second half of the Texas game, when Taylor went out because of dehydration, and it wasn’t pretty. Hopefully he’ll get the position down this week.

  • timmah

    I used to smoke a lot of weed, and the only thing I remember doing really well on it was laughing at “Get Smart”.(Yeah, I’m really old)

  • BruinFaithful


    The Silver Hemp Lining in the Maiava Saga. hahahahaha!!!!

    I remember Capella muffing a couple of snaps. Good thing we got Taylor back in there after a few plays.

    However, this is truly disappointing, after his talk about coming back this year and being a leader. I mean, the guy was probably a candidate for Team Captain. I’m surprised he wasn’t selected. I understand MANY of us smoked weed during college and did other things. But, CFB are held to a higher standard. I remember my FB buddies would at least wait until after the season to engage in smokey smoke.


    Do you know when these guys get tested? Throughout the year, or only during the season. I mean 3 times you get caught? Unreal.