• hicalliber

    Nice article, Jon.

  • Anonymous

    Agreed. Great post Jon! I really like these in-depth takes on our guys. It seems like Cassius really embodies our team in that he bought in this year! Love the personal touch with his mom as well. Thanks!

  • uclastevela

    Thank you. A great insight into the effect of psychology and frame of mind to a players performance. Great writing and choice of profile for the article. Makes me appreciate CM. He has one more fan. It seems like he knows UCLA is significantly more than football. Perhaps Marsh’s evolution
    is a precursor to the evolution of the program.

  • ucla34

    Good article Jon. Why hasn’t Neuheisel named Brehaut the starter yet? It is because he feels Kevin knows and reads better than Bre? Thanks.

  • Critic

    Overdid the boy-to-man angle; this piece has more sap than a Vermont pine tree!

  • Thanks Critic! I love syrup!