Longhorns trample Bruins…and leave a present.

Texas’ venerable team mascot Bevo, a 1,300-pound Longhorn steer, could have plodded onto the Rose Bowl grass and fertilized the field for the UCLA football team, and it would not have stunk more than the Bruins did on Saturday afternoon.

It would have been a nice steaming present for UCLA, Bevo doing the dirty work, a return for all of the gifts the Bruins gave the Longhorns.

Spotting Texas 21 first-quarter points – with three touchdowns following three Kevin Prince interceptions – UCLA fell to the No. 23-rated Longhorns, 49-20, in front of 54,583.

It wasn’t just on Prince’s right shoulder Saturday; the Bruins’ ineptitude spanned the team.
UCLA committed four total turnovers, had numerous dropped passes and could not tackle a Girl Scout troop, much less the Longhorns. Worse, when the Bruins seemed to find a spark, they imploded, committing six penalties for 50 yards, including an illegal substitution penalty on 3rd-and-1 coming out of a timeout.

Maybe even 12 men on the field wouldn’t have helped UCLA, which fell behind 28-10 at the half.

“When you’re playing efficiently and playing well, those things don’t show up as often,” head coach Rick Neuheisel said. “I’m disappointed in the line of scrimmage penalties; those are absolutely ridiculous. … We have to do the little things right. It’s a little-thing business.”

Texas was able to physically dominate the Bruins in a way similar to UCLA’s manhandling of the Longhorns in a 34-12 win in Austin last season, when Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman helped lead a rushing attack that totaled more than 260 yards.

This time around, it was Texas doing the wrangling, holding UCLA’s running back duo to 105 yards while gaining 284 yards rushing itself, 110 from freshman Malcolm Brown.

“We could do a better job of tackling in practice,” defensive tackle Cassius Marsh said. “I don’t think people know the difference between thudding up and tapping them. That’s something we should emphasize this week. We need to practice tackling in order to execute in the game.”

Prince certainly helped the Longhorn effort before giving way to junior Richard Brehaut.
The Crespi High product was intercepted by Carrington Byndom on his first pass of the game on a 2nd-and-2 coming off a punt on Texas’ first drive. Three plays later, Case McCoy found third-string tight end D.J. Grant wide open for a 45-yard touchdown.

After getting the ball back at the Texas 19-yard line following a muffed Longhorn punt return later in the first quarter, Prince was again intercepted on 3rd-and-7, the ball batted in the air and into Adrian Phillips’ hands. Eleven plays later, Texas running back Fozzy Whitaker took it in from eight yards out for a 14-0 lead.

Then, more heartache for Prince, as Longhorn Kenny Vaccaro intercepted a pass on 3rd-and-11 at the Texas 43-yard line as the first quarter expired.

“What hurts the most is those three interceptions really hurt the team,” Prince said. “You take those three interceptions out, and it could be a completely different game. That’s what bothers me the most. Not the quarterback race. It’s the effect I had on the ballgame.”

Brehaut relieved Prince after the third pick and led UCLA to four scoring drives despite little help from his receivers, the second time he has come in as relief this season. Much like the teams’ 38-34 season-opening loss to Houston, Brehaut had better success moving the ball but could not pull out a win.

“When you got guys lining up in the neutral zone and dropping passes, that’s stuff we can control,” Brehaut said. “If we’re going to be the team we can be, that’s got to be fixed. This is the third week in a row I’m saying this.”

If it sounds like a broken record, it’s because it is, as UCLA has stumbled out of the gate with three uninspired performances. Surprising, considering Neuheisel’s precarious spot on the hot seat coming off of a second 4-8 season in three years.

Heading into Pac-12 play with a road date at Oregon State next Saturday, the Bruins know it is not about everybody getting on the same page, but even reading the same book.

“Everybody wants to try and blame someone,” wide receiver Randall Carroll said. “That’s why we get the slumped shoulders. Somehow we always find something to try to spark us. Today we couldn’t stop them. The spark was gone.”

Question is, can the Bruins get it back?

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  • PV Bruin

    I guess we solved the qb controversy problem…

    Am I the only one who is getting numb & just waiting for the season to end?

  • Anonymous

    For the first time, I could see it in the players that they don’t buy into CRN’s bs anymoe. I think its time for him to move on.

  • timmah

    Wow 54,000 including mass ticket giveaways for local kids, for a game against Texas? I guess it doesn’t matter when u got that tv money rolling in. Fans are, apparently , done with Bruin ineptitude. My son (UCLA class 2010) won’t even watch on tv and when I ask him why he says, “Why waste my time?” and I have no answer for him. Ten Bruin classes in a row have graduated with “oh well, we suck at football” as their reality. Like it or not, football, (not women’s softball) is the face of the modern university, and our face is ugly.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for the coaching staff to put the blame on their shoulders. After I finished counting (twice!) and commented to my neighbor, I saw an official counting and pointing. Plenty of time for the staff to notice 12 men on the field. This is just a symptom of staff inattention to detail. Get back to basic football. The offense is too clever, and so is the defense. These fine young men are being let down by the coaching staff.

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    CRN’s only comment after the game should have been:
    “We were horrible today. We got our asses kicked … And the blame falls squarely on MY shoulders. And out of respect for this fine institution, which brought me back off the dung heap and gave me a very fair shot, I also realize that I have lost 10 of the last 15 games under my leadership. Because of that, and the fact that we are now both winning AND losing very badly, I am officially stepping down as head coach of the UCLA Bruins.”

  • Bruin911

    Just leave Coleman in the game and let him be the main back and use Franklin as the change of pace. It is obvious that our defense cannot stop anyone, so lets just minimize the opposing teams’ offensive minutes by ball control. Put a saddle on Coleman’s back and ride him for 10 minutes a quarter. He gives you at least 6 yards a carry and is the only guy that cares about not losing and gives everything he gots. It may be time to forget talent and put guys in there that are smart and give you 110% on every play.

  • Anonymous

    I was so much happier when I didn’t give a damn about sports.

  • Captain Obvious

    its official: this program suck big dirty donkey balls.

    CRN has officially destroyed 3 FB Programs: Colorado, Washington and UCLA.

    Sack up CRN and resign; its the right thing to do for your alma mater. And when you resign, don’t take any $$$ from UCLA.

    Sunshine Blond Hair and a Silver Tongue, the mark of the snake oil salesman and we all fell for it, but no more.

  • samo hopar

    It’s not just CRN that needs to go. DG needs to go, and bevo needs to walk in and take a shit on the desk of every administrator responsible for not paying a legitimate coach. It’s an institution-wide problem and all of those incompetent morons need to go. I’m so sick and tired of this bullshit year after year. We all need to unite and demand change, from top to bottom; it’s the only way.

  • Brock

    Lol at the people who thought prince was the better QB out of the two. I love saying this: I told you

  • Marc

    It’s apparent to me that Neuheisel is a dead man walking, in terms as the head coach at UCLA. Carrol’s comments, Brehaut’s comments and the fans’ early exits all spell it out.

    The kept leaving the slot receiver open time and time again in the first half, only to get burned each time. I kept pointing it out from my seat. No adjustments. The D-Line kept getting blown off the line as well. Datone Jones has been a total flop to this point.

    If Neuheisel keeps the Prince experiment going, he’s going to see smaller and smaller crowds at games this year.

    What an embarrassment!

  • Anonymous

    We’ll only win games this year against teams with talent so inferior to us that the coaching won’t matter (i.e., San Jose State). How many of those games do we have left?

  • hogsman

    I attended the game and was embarrassed to be a UCLA fan walking among the many UT fans. Our team wasn’t prepared, and it resulted in a total travesty on the field. Unless a miraculous change occurs in coaching and performance, 4-8 is a very realistic expectation.

  • Rich-says-Bruin911-is-spot-on

    Franklin starts out and can’t do dick; Coleman comes in with Brehaut, and proves extremely effective, getting good yardage and a touchdown. Any sane coach would say, “Hey, look at that, here’s something that’s working really well, why don’t we stick with this and see what happens?”

    So what does CRN do? Keep at it with Franklin, who continues to do dick against the Texas defense. Then he throws in a little Barr and James for good measure, who are only barely more successful than Franklin.

    As far as I’m concerned, it’s borderline criminal that CRN didn’t play Coleman more. A lot more.

    It’s the same stubbornness (some may say stupidity) that led him to stick with Prince and get us in a 21pt hole in the first place. RIDICULOUS!

  • Bruin Zealot

    I have been duped. I believed we had hired a good DC, but that has now been proven to be a farce. No tackling during practice? Did CRN not see the effect this had crosstown? Defensive Offsides 3 times, 12 men on the field after a timeout?! Lack of discipline and blame falls solely on coaching staff. I can take a loss if the other just straight out beats you, but when you shoot yourself in the foot over and over,absolutely unacceptable. As others have said, only 3rd game of season and have nothing to look forward to. At end of season, considering the amount of money coming from new Pac-12 contracts, administration needs to commit to putting a top level team on the field and hire top coaching talent (at whatever premium costs it comes with) to accomplish this goal.

  • BruinPain

    Time to cut bait with CRN, eh?! You bet your sweet ass!!

    At this point, I wonder if we even make it to another 4 win season.

    I take no pleasure in being vindicated about Kevin Prince. For a couple of years I’ve taken a lot of flack about my insistence that Richard Brehaut was the better choice for QB and should be given the confidence of being named the number one QB.

    CRN’s play calling is conservative and predictable at best. It appears that there is neither an offensive nor defensive game plan let alone any in game adjustments. Players are playing out of position, cannot tackle, make mental errors, and get penalties at the most inopportune times.

    At least Jeff Locke showed that he could probably be an NFL kicker as well as punter today. Meanwhile, Coleman showed again what kind of heart he has and how much of an unstoppable force he can be.

    Why CRN doesn’t use so many of our talented recruits from the past several years remains a mystery to me. He plays favorites or he is just a poor judge of talent. For example, Kevin Prince and his three possessions, three interceptions leading to three Longhorn touchdowns. Talk about digging yourself a hole.

    CRN must leave. AD Guerrero must fire him at years end. I wanted CRN here but his continued presence is untenable.

  • BobDaBruin

    It looked awfully bad on TV – I am sure it was just as bad in person. But, to be fair, what could we expect after the 2 previous games that clearly showed the program was not making progress? Clearly, the players are not playing for this coaching staff. Clearly, the administration does not care. Blame CRN, sure why not? Dan Guerrero? Where is your accountability from the administration or anywhere else? Where was the FB Program before you showed up and where is it now after your hires? This is a Horrific Hot Mess! And, other than us fans, does anyone who can do anything about this even care? SAD!

  • NueWeizel of Westwood

    Big salary this year. Big payout next year. Better raise that tuition some more!

  • Not Slick Old-Weasel

    Common Rick. Stop impersonating me.


    CRN has lost this team, they are no longer playing for him. I agree he must go, but who the hell would we hire based on what this administration is willing to pay for? A school this large, that’s recognized world wide can’t afford to pay a good coach? Who can we complain to? Where should the anger be directed??

  • NueWeazel of Westwood

    Bake sale? Car wash?

  • Anonymous

    Bring in rich rod!!!! Start the only campaign! Rich rod! Rich rod! Rich rod! Let’s go all u bruins out there let’s bring in a top tier coach ala mark reikt rich rod or tressel cmOn guys we need this start the campaign!

  • BruinFaithful

    After every game, as painful as it may be, I like to sit down and watch the game again and break down every play. In doing so today, one play, one reaction and one word stand out in defining the CRN Era.

    The Play:

    On our 2nd series on a 3rd and 1 at the Texas 49, with the clock winding down, we call timeout. We come out of the huddle and a flag is thrown.

    The Reaction:

    CRN: “What’s the Penalty? Huh? Against us?” Then he mutters some undescernible obscenities.

    The Word:


    It is beyond comprehension to come out of a huddle and make the mistake of sending 12 players out on to the field. What is even more concerning, is that our own Head Coach didn’t even realize it, before or after the flag was thrown. Just truly pathetic and a prime example of the ineptitude of this Coaching Staff. I mean, don’t you have some lowly Asst. bean counter counting heads on every play? CRN is probably too egotistical to admit he needs one, yet he does. And so will end the CRN Era, one arrogant SOB who is too Blinded by his Enormous Ego to admit he is responsible for his Team’s lack of attention to detail.

    Other plays of note:

    On the 1st drive interception:

    Yes, horrible pass by KP, but if Shaq Evans dives for the ball, it is NOT an interception. Don’t we teach these guys to dive for the ball? I wonder if our coaches will even point it out to Shaq in the Tape Review session.

    On the ensuing Texas drive and TD pass:

    1.) Datone Jones was held badly. He was deep in the backfield and in position to Sack McCoy. Unfortunately, no call.

    2.) Aaron Hester BADLY misses his assignment, by unexplicably coming up to cover the flats instead of the Deep Corner. Result, quick 6 by Texas. How a 4 year starting Senior can miss his coverage assignment is baffling.

    After the 4th and 6 Punt and Fumble Recovery:

    So we catch a break after the STUPID 12 men Penalty and the KP Incomplete Pass he gets hammered on and we get the ball at the 19. We are in business again? Right? WRONG!!!! So again, in a short field and yardage situation we run the ball with Franklin twice, with a minimal total gain of just 3 yards. Now a 3rd and 6, we are obviously in a passing situation and Texas brings the heat. UGLY interception. Why we wouldn’t run Coleman here is freaken BEYOND me. Again, another MOMENTUM KILLER!!!!

    After Another Texas TD, now 14-0:

    We are again driving after a nice KP keeper. We are now 1st and 10 on our own 49. We hand off to Franklin and he runs for a solid 9 yards again. Then it gets called back on a Holding Penalty on Maiava. In all honesty, I didn’t see ANY holding on Maiava. Looked like a SOLID Pancake Block to me. But again, ANOTHER MOMENTUM KILLER!!!! Then, the 3rd KP interception. Genius CRN FINALLY gives KP the hook.

    After Texas gets the Ball back on 3rd and 3 inside the 20:

    Holmes misses a tackle on Brown, but he was actually pushed and illegally blocked on the back. No tackle. No call. 21-0 Texas. Game Over.

    Finally, midway through the 2nd quarter Brehaut is in:

    With Brehaut in we eliminate the QB TO’s. Finally, after Franklin hurts his shoulder, we are forced to play Coleman and he almost singhandedly drives the ball for a TD.

    End of the 1st Half McCoy scramble:

    After the a PF hit on Abbott and a Texas 3rd and 18 and despite having McCoy cornered like a mouse, he is able to escape and complete an off balance throw. Several UCLA Defenders missed tackles, Holmes losses his shirt collar, Mascarenas horribly over runs him, Holmes after being illegally blocked and tackled by Texas #56, gets up and misses again and then Jones is too late. No Call. No Tackle. You would think the nasty hit on Abbott would fire up our D, but nothing doing.

    After another Texas TD in the 3rd quarter:

    Josh Smith gets a HUGE return, which is unfortunately called back for Holding. It looked like a CLEAN block to me. But now, instead of being inside the Texas 30, we are back inside our own 30.

    After a good stop by our D late in the game:

    Price is called for a facemask, with the players already on the sidelines. I replayed over and over on Slow-Mo and I never saw Price even touch the Facemask. in any event, another momentum killer, 15 yards, auto 1st down.


    KP and Westy should NEVER play again. I mean it. Westy is coninuisly OUT of position and either missing Arm Tackles, Completely missing tackles, and getting blocked out of the play and locked in by the Defender, getting out run or just plain being run over. Riley was bailing him out ALL DAY. When your a LB’er and your Safety or CB is continuously bailing you out, you have problems. Our Whole Defense is not only continuously missing tackles, but they are always getting locked in by the Defender and blocked out of the play. When we engage blockers, we can NEVER seem to disengage. We need to stop locking in with blockers and zero in on the ball carrier, either by hitting the blockers with RECKLESS ABANDON and running them over or bouncing off of them. On Offense, we continuosly couldn’t pick up the Blitz, usually a LB. Franklin was missing blocks ALL game.

    Yes, we had some REALLY bad calls go against us, but we can’t control that. We have to focus on what we can control and right now, we are WAY TOO easy to scheme on D and O. This goes to BAD Coaching. This week the coaching gets an F-. We got WHOOPED at home by a team of Freshman. How sad is that?

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Never witnessed so many committed Bruins so pissed off at the same time. Yes, it’s now THAT bad. So, who’s the best candidate?
    Rocky Long, now 3-0 at SDSU w/far less support and talent …
    Bob Laudeceur, who has like a .999 winning pct. at Concord’s De la Salle H.S. … simply put, they have never, ever, been ill-prepared to whup ass every single Friday night against all-comers since he arrived there 30-plus years ago …
    Rich Rod? Not a bad idea. Throw in Dan Hawkins here, too, since we’re talking about giving once-ultra successful coaches another try off the trash heap.
    (And PLEASE don’t say Boise State’s Chris Peterson. Maybe 5 years ago, but he’d never even open the envelope now unless we were talking double CRN’s paltry $1.25 mill salary. Maybe one of his top assistants?)

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Oh, as for Tressel … I can’t get past the fact that he looks like CRN’s rich uncle and his name sounds like a certain def. coordinator who makes me vomit every time I watch his team try to tackle.

  • The Blur

    Okay Brock, I guess you deserve to gloat this week. Prince was downright horrible. But Brehaut was hardly effective, himself. He’s a joke trying to run the ball or escape pressure.

    I still think Hundley should be in there. These qb’s have been bad for 3 years. What are we waiting for?

  • Reformed Droog


    I’m not sure I understand what the present was that they left for us, especially because the big, steaming pile of shit known as UCLA football was already there before Texas showed up…


  • We missed our chance getting Brady Hoke

    Before Michigan snapped him up, I was sure he was gonna be the Bruins next head coach after this season.

    As it is, Rocky seems a strong candidate; I don’t imagine we’d have to break the bank to get him, and unless something drastic changes in the minds of DG and everyone else in the admin making the decisions, $$$ will again be a big consideration.

    Unless, as someone noted, the big bucks start rolling in from all the work Larry Scott’s been doing for the pac12…but UCLA will probably direct that money elsewhere…

  • Weazel of Westwood

    Why all the talk about these other coaches? I can get it done without spending more $$$$


    Anyone else see Houston had to score 28 unanswered points against LOUISIANA TECH to pull out a 1 point victory (35-34)?

    Yeah, we’re in for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG season…

  • @Timmah, you’re full of shyt…”mass giveaway of tickets”? stop making shyt up…yes the crowd was disappointing but there were no freebies yesterday, it was a premium game.

  • timmah

    @Bruin Rob, pardon me,I didn’t realize you were in ticket sales and would go all anal on me. The larger point, which I didn’t make up and you apparently got was that they sold maybe 48,000 to actual Bruin fans and attendance is horrific. Lucky thing for us you’re here to nitpick irrelevancies.
    P.S. It’s shit not shyt, dumbass.

  • doug4ucla

    I thought I would never ever say this…BUT RN needs to go…..body language of the players said it ‘ALL”

  • @timmah, I’m not in ticket sales, I’m a real fan that supports my team win or lose, unlike some losers on here that don’t bother to attend the games and support our team, yet are quick as hell to judge the players and the coaches…I also spell it sh!t like this, you are the dumbazz.

    @doug4ucla, the body language you are reading from the players is that from a group of players that are losing games they should be winning, and from players not performing to their potential, it’s called frustration. The players DO SUPPORT Rick Neuheisel, and busting their asses for him, I know this for a fact. Truth be told, they are sick of the fans’ negativity and constant bashing of Kevin Prince, and Rick Neuheisel, and many of them have expressed it on the different social media networks.

  • Marc


    Dude, take a chill pill. I go to every homegame, got season tix in sec. 22 for a while now. Great group in sec.22, a little like Bedlam. We support the team like crazy. And we get extremely frustrated by the lack of defense and the run, run, third and long mentality of what has been the UCLA for too long.

    Yes, I am one of the many fans who booed after Prince’s third pick of the FIRST quarter. I moaned along with the majority of Bruin fans in the audience when he was called upon again after his second pick, and I cheered loudly along with most everyone when Brehaut finally entered the game down 21-0.

    I don’t buy the myopic approach to being a fan of the greatest university on earth. I don’t expect national championships, but I expect better than what has been going on for far too long now. If the players are upset, they sure don’t act like it at games.

    4-8 last year! Where the hell is the salty attitude? Where is the intensity? Quite frankly I don’t see it at all. I am tired, as many of the other fans in sec. 22 are at the showboating of the defense when they are completely sucking it up out on the field. Completely blown assignments and angles of pursuit throughout the season to this point. That falls on both the coaches and the players. Take some freaking pride and improve from week to week. It hasn’t happened yet this year.

    What are you, a fan of ruport Murdoch? Silence any and all criticism? In case you haven’t noticed, UCLA’s 1-2 start has gone national. Media and fans of college football all around the country are starting to take notice of UCLA’s season; though, not for the reasons anyone would like.

    Grow up.

  • BruinRob

    @Marc, you’re entitled to your opinion…these athletes are not proffesional, they are college students at a university of the highest level of education. They are there because they were good enough to play D-1 football, they are not playing pop-warner where everyone gets on the team and everyone gets to play, these are students first, athletes second.

    These guys need our support, not our bashing…yes this is UCLA and winning is expected at every level in every sport, both men’s and women’s teams, granted they are not winning as we all expected, but for God’s sake they’ve only played 3 games! and we’re 0-0 in conference, the talent is there, and Neuheisel has a history of winning.

    You want to throw the towel? you go ahead and do it after three games, I refuse to believe that we a 4-8 team on the field and will not be throw in my towel but instead, I will continue to support the team and the coaches, if after the season we’re not at least 7-5 than we can discuss RN as the wrong coach for our program, if dorrell got 5 years, then at least RN deserves the same fate or some slack.

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