Texas 42-20

After UCLA responded with a long touchdown drive, the Longhorns did the same

Texas continues to pound UCLA on third-down, with Malcom Brown coming up with a crucial conversion on 3rd-and-2, before Fozzy Whitaker took it 35 yards out of the Wildcat formation for a touchdown.

Drive Time: 79 yards, 7 plays, 2:42

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  • ucla34

    Neuhesel fucking sucks!!! Sorrry as bitch!!! We need a new coach! Fucking emberassing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tressey lack testicle fortitude. Grow a pair and let these kids get aggressive.

  • Anonymous

    We haven’t played defense sine Dwayne moved to New Mexico.

  • ucla34

    Fuccking pathetic! Absolutelty pathetic! Neuheaisel Needs

  • uclafanatic

    anybody know if jeff fisher would consider college ball?

  • They Quit, Fire the whole staff. TONIGHT-Embarrising….we are a laughing stalk of a program

  • Anonymous

    Let see, new QB’s, blitz blitz blitz. Not rocket science. Rick needs to take some control and the idiot d coordinator needs to get his assssss back in the press box.

  • UCLArt




  • Anonymous

    These two QB’s should be deer in headlights, instead they look like future Heisman hopefuls. I’m this close to becoming a USC fan. Well I won’t go that far, we still have basketball. Right, we still have basketball? Please tell me we have basketball. Someone tell me we still have ######## basketball.

  • Anonymous

    I’m not going to wait for your “fire away with questions” If you’re Dan Guerrero,based on what you’ve seen, do you get rid of Neuheisel after the three games that the Bruins have played or do you let him ride it out?

  • Brock

    Lol @ the prince backers.

  • Stan

    Rick has ruined the football program. This fool is down 3 scores in the 4th quarter and he is still trying to run the football. Starting his favorite player Prince shows lack of leadership. Prince has barely played in 2 years and he benches Brehaut after a win. I’m done with UCLA football…..done with it until Rick is sent home. It’s too bad he has a year left on his contract, though. He’s going nowhere soon, believe me. Someone please tell Hundley to find the first plane out of L.A., if he wants to play D1 football. Rick gives us all this BS about Hundley getting 10-15 plays per game. He’s not playing this year or next. Not until Prince graduates. Rick reminds me of Obama…..a great speaker, but dosen’t do shit!

  • Anonymous

    Stan, you haven’t watched much UCLA football if you think it was Rick who ruined this program. You can thank Karl for that.

  • timmah

    my UCLA flag has a long streak of seagull shit on it, which seems entirely symbolic of the state of Bruin football. Fire Rick, Fire Rick, Fire Rick!!!. Actually if he had any integrity he’d quit, because his pig-headedness put the team down 21-0 to start with

  • Anonymous


  • Anon

    no worries. the Prince apologists are always out in full force.

    at least CRN will go down with the Prince ship… better get your son the scholarship before you get fired…

  • Anonymous

    Bright side is Ricks leaving a pretty good team for the next stiff to work for bad pay.

  • Anonymous


  • Real Bruin Fan

    Rick needs to go now before he ruins football anymore, and if Guerrero hires another Donahue player someone should visit him and show him how wrong this pattern is.

  • Anonymous

    Fix that defense fast start brehaut play smart and play disciplined football

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know what it’s like to fly the UCLA flag every weekend in the mid-west? Trust me it’s like having a Texas defensive lineman kick you in the nad’s every week.

  • Anonymous

    Face it God favors the Trojans. Even with cheating and probation they will always dominate over Bruins. If your not cheating, your not trying. Maybe Rick should go back to cheating.

  • Anonymous

    It’s time for Neuheisel and regime to go…all that talent and they look absolutely pathetic. Dan Guerrero needs to go too but he wont because the other sports are prospering. Will not support UCLA football any more till some major changes are made. If this were basketball the alumni would be freaking out but they seem to take the “Dan Guerrero” attitude when it comes to football. Again, absolutely pathetic!!!!!

  • timmah

    oh, and while we’re at it, fire Guerrero too. Any AD who thinks it’s ok to have 30,000 in the Rose Bowl!!(next weeks attendance) as long as women’s softball wins is a freakin’ disgrace

  • Island Bruin

    This is possibly my worst day as a Bruin Fan and supporter. To watch Texas play all those Freshman and see us have 95% of our vaunted 2009 recruiting class either sit on the bench or play sparingly is just depressing. These are college kids, so I won’t call them out individually, but obviously on the field we are just not that talented as good teams.
    Constantly we read and hear about how the young guys don’t know all their assignments, lack technique, strength or whatever to play now. It seems to me that we just need to let some guys get out there and make some plays.
    All the really good programs get big contributions by freshman and we are way below .500 and we have to watch the same guys out there last year and the year before.
    At least we have Oregon State next week and if we can commit to the right QB we can start the Pac-12 1-0.

  • uclaproflee

    The frustrating thing is that there isn’t even ONE thing this team does well, reliably. During Toledo’s era, we scored at will,but we couldn’t defend. Now? Our most consistent attribute during RN’s tenure is our kicking game. There’s no improvement, in any domain, and we clearly look confused. While there was limited talent, we had to be patient. There was optimism this year, with a health camp, depth, etc. Now, the schemes suck, play-calling lacks creativity, players aren’t executing, and the timing is laughable (penalties on 3rd and short for example). I wish DG shows some stones and goes after an out-of-the-box hire.

  • Anonymous

    Mike Leach – at least we’d be entertaining.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s going to be interesting what happens to this team walls starting to cave in fair weather fans jumping ship. I think that if there are guys on this team that truly bleed blue and gold than they will fight like hell and get a win when our PAC 12 season starts and we go from their if there aren’t guys on this team then Rick was right he is the only one who cares Rick doesn’t line up offsides, miss tackles, or drop game changing Int I still love Sheldon though, Rick brought talent there, he is the reason we have guys like Riley owa kendricks James marsh and he kept the first class together so give me a fucking break players need to live and die for the blue & gold cuz I think Rick does

  • Anonymous

    Fair-weather fans my ass, this is the longest sustained period of suckness in Ucla football history, in the middle of the most talent-rich area of the country. This is lack of caring and commitment on the part of the admin and athletic department

  • Anonymous

    We need players who will sell out for Rick and the program period cuz I believe that no one can sell this program better than him in the state we are in we all saw what he turned 7-6 into. He is the man for the job and I believe that at my core period we need to find a way to get rolling at OSU and get the fans back pack the damn rose bowl the way it should be every weekend. Think about it this is the most talented we have been in a long time the only thing missing is that sell out run through a wall effort. If Some one steps up and lead with a fire and a passion guys will follow and there will be no way we don’t turn the corner as a program

  • Art_Vandalahy

    Yahhhhhh…. The good news is they didn’t beat us 66-3 or worse (despite Rick’s best efforts to let them break that record) and we lost bad enough to warrant a firing. Hopefully immediately.

    Rick is either gay lovers with Prince OR he had a huge bet on Texas. There is no way he can be that poor of coach.

    Ucla might lose every game this season. Our Defensive Coordinator is a worse coach than RIck. Didn’t Rick find this loser Tressy out of a job? Wasn’t he fired from some Canadian football league? Amazing stuff.

  • Ucla Guy

    I got banned off the “bruins nation” blog for telling the TRUTH about this team and this head coach TWO YEARS AGO. So thank you Daily News and Jon Gold for providing a forum where we can Call ‘Em As We See ‘Em.
    • This team is totally out-classed.
    • This head coach and his gimmick “pistol” offense are a national joke.
    • This new D-coordinator and D coaches have FAILED.
    • Rick: “bla bla bla bla bla” ENOUGH. SHUT UP.
    • FIRE RICK NOW. Make Mike Johnson interim head coack.
    • FIRE DAN G. NOW. He can’t pick coaches or lobby the U.
    • FIRE CHANCELLOR BLOCK(HEAD). He can’t defend his school’s reputation.
    And you boys in the circle over at BN, keep on what you’re doing to yourselves cuz that’s all you got.

  • BC

    Dream on! If the awful d-coordinator refuses to sell out with an aggressive commitment to dominate against two new QB’s, how can you expect the player to sell out? They are all out of position. Absolutely no adjustments in the Houston game. A few in this game. To little to late.

    Quit blaming the player! Sometimes it’s just schemes. We would never look this bad if Dwayne was running the D.

  • BruinPain

    I hate to say I told you so but KP’s debacle was just as predictable as CRN’s continued inability to coach. I’ve been saying it for awhile now. Even got pretty much banned from BruinsNation for having the audacity for having the opinion that Brehaut was the better QB. Hey, I wanted CRN here after CKD but I was conned by CRN. Bottom line, CRN must go! The sooner the better! CRN is a cancer to the football program.

    Let me just say that Jeff Locke is a stud as is Coleman!

  • Anonymous

    Better to be banned by Bruin Nation than be part of it. You are truly the winner in that deal.


    I don’t blame these kids at all. I blame the coach who is making over 1 million/year. Can we start a PLAY FAURIA campaign…?(hey, it rhymes) I hope they lower ticket prices soon…

  • BruWINS11

    I agree. FAURIA should be on the side of a milk carton.

  • Anonymous

    This game is hard to watch, we look totally unprepared on national tv, and out coached. We kept getting hammered on the same plays. This is going to be a long season. Prince shows today why he shouldn’t be the qb.

  • Anonymous

    Bruins Nation= Big Brother

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    timmah: you got it right … CRN should resign.
    What a set that would take, but that would be the best move he could make right now in honor of the program he once led as a walk-on to a Rose Bowl title. He’d have ALL of our respect.
    Instead, he will ride this ship out, and DG won’t fire him until after the season because of The ‘Ole Bruin respect school of thinking.
    CRN, we were all so excited at first when you were plucked off the scrap heap and came back w/the full-page newspaper ad jeering at U$C. But you have lost this team, and our trust.
    It’s over …
    CRN, please resign now.
    CRN, PLEASE resign now!

  • Anonymous

    Dan Guerrero needs to be fired with RN. How many coaches does an AD get to hire before we start to blame the AD. I have been a die hard bruin fan but this is beginning to hurt. RN keeps calling the same lame fake draw, with the QB keeper every 1st down. We don’t blitz enough, and play to lose, aghhhhhhhhhhhhh, I’m out

  • BigDBruin

    It’s not that damn hard. FIND A COACH!
    Stop going to the damn “coach auction” trying to find a steal! Go to the “NEW COACH” dealer and get one thats road tested and proven to be a WINNER!

    Neu should have asked BH about the dangers of having a man crush on players (Drago)!!!

  • bibs

    There must be a way to censure some of these idiot and profane comments.It is embarrassing to read such profane trash.I cannot believe that these morons ever attended UCLA.I do not like the way the team is playing and the coaching is really bad,but I do not take out my feelings by using profanity and calling Jill Painter,
    a very good reporter,bad names.

  • Weazel of Westwood

    Big payout coming my way from rich alums. Wait there are no rich UCLA alums. Better bring me back for another year!

  • Slick NeuWeasel

    I’m staying with Prince. He won’t ever throw 3 picks in a game.

  • Reality Check

    Slick Neuweisel has ruined 3 Pac-12 football programs every team he has coached has progressively got worse…..afire Guerrero and fire Slick, Dorrell was better!