Brehaut Makes the (Right) Call

CORVALLIS, ORE. – For a guy whose major knock has been his play-execution skills, on Saturday afternoon junior Richard Brehaut was a better game manager than a Nintendo executive.

While throwing just 11 times – completing seven passes for 146 yards and a touchdown – Brehaut helped call an offense that gained 211 rushing yards, improving in his check-downs and audibles in UCLA’s 27-19 win over Oregon State.

He shined especially during an early second-quarter touchdown drive, moving the ball 46 yards on seven plays following a Sean Westgate interception of a Sean Mannion pass. On 2nd-and-4 from the Oregon State 13-yard line, Brehaut saw the Beavers stacked right and checked down to an inside handoff in the left gap to Derrick Coleman, who picked up eight yards.

On the next play, Brehaut read the defensive end closing in and kept it himself, breaking through the interior for a five-yard touchdown run.

“I’ve always thought that the more experience I have, the better I have to get at managing the game and making smart decisions with the ball,” Brehaut said. “We had a play call to the right, they overloaded that side, and I checked inside zone left and we were able to get the first to Derrick. Then it was a zone read on the next play, the end crashed down, I kept it and got in end zone.”

Those were the issues that kept coming up for head coach Rick Neuheisel during Brehaut’s preseason quarterback competition with Kevin Prince, which Prince ultimately won. But the Crespi grad went down early in Week 1 against Houston, missed the following week’s 27-17 win over San Jose State and returned for a horrid start last week against Texas, throwing three first-quarter interceptions.

Brehaut was named the starter on Sunday night, but it was a tenuous hold, Neuheisel saying that it was going to be week-to-week going forward. Neuheisel lauded Brehaut for his play Saturday, though, saying “he prepared excellently and I thought his execution today was spot on.”

Neuheisel said that the team was going to stick with its running identity – “We have games to win, and we have to use a formula that guys us best chance to be successful; that’s who we are” – but the Bruins might need to open it up more next week to keep up with a prolific Stanford offense that has scored 138 points in three weeks behind all-world quarterback Andrew Luck.

For now, Brehaut is satisfied with the win, and his management within it.

“Absolutely, 100 percent,” Brehaut said. “If we’re coming out 1-0 and winning the game, I’d rather throw 11 times and come out with a ‘W’ than throw it – say like Arizona State (last season) 56 times – and come out with a loss.”

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  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Zero turnovers and strong run game gives us rare road conference win. And congrats to RB for managing game well.
    Lots of work to be done, though: Carroll had a quik six if RB just aired it out a bit instead of short-arming.
    Also, MUST FIND A WAY TO GET FAURIA BACK in the passing game … This is a must-do this week. Come on CRN: Recognize that major mismatch and find a way to exploit it.

  • Semi-Pro

    When you can run the ball effectively, you control the clock, and keep the other offense off the field. If the other team ain’t stopping you…no need to pass. When you got Derrick Coleman getting something like 6.0ypc, and those end-arounds with Jordan James, who needs to throw it?

  • cfcfan

    “…a better game manager than a Nintendo executive”…..well, on the plus side, if you got the Pulitzer too soon you’d have nowhere to go but downhill, would you?

  • Anonymous

    I remember someone saying,”Run the ball, or die tryin'” Hey, it’s finally happening!

  • ucla34

    There is no way Prince should start another game this season! Or ever! Lol

  • Anonymous

    When was the last time UCLA won with only 7 pass completions?

  • Tennessee Bruin

    Only 7 completions Anonymous 6:22 or only 11 passes? It might have been when Mark Harmon was running the wishbone for Pepper Rogers.

  • futurebruin13

    If your RB’s are making more than 6 yards a pop…i don’t see the need to throw a whole lot. I really liked seeing the running game getting mixed up between all the RB’s they are the strength of the team, the identity of the team. I don’t think we should start throwing it more just because, but if they start thinking run every time…then you gotta fake out the opponents with a play action.


    Very proud of him! Brehaut played GREAT! To bad KTLA didn’t report on that instead of that stupid article attacking the UCLA fan base!

  • The TV announcer used the word “bash ” a couple times in reference to Coleman.

  • john

    Great game, great athletes, great school!…can someone who is close to CRN pull him aside and suggest that he use the word “resilience” in describing his defense, instead of “resiliency”. I remain a loyal bruin fan for over thirty years now, but grammer is also important. people form impressions of you based on your command of the language.

  • Anonymous

    May I suggest that you use “grammar” instead of “grammer”? People form impressions based on your command of the language.

  • Anonymous

    Clean up the kicking game and the penalties and we may have something yet. Not a smart display by Price after the dropped interception.

  • Ley

    Hey Jon,
    any word on Sheldon Price and the condition of his knee!!! We sure need him!

  • Anon, “grammer” LMAO

  • Anon, “grammer” LMAO

  • Anon, “grammer” LMAO