UCLA 21-19

Oregon State went 77 yards, with Sean Mannion finding Jordan Bishop for a 45-yard touchdown pass. After a false start on the two-point attempt, Alex Mascarenas intercepted Mannion on the second attempt to preserve the UCLA lead.

Drive Time: 77 yards, 6 plays, 2:08

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  • ucla34

    F’ING embarrassing! Stupid ass conservative play calling in the second half when we’ve been lighting it up offensively! Guess you can’t expect more from the Donahue mold! Shit! Pathetic! Dumb ass play calling!!!

  • ucla34

    Fuck Neuheisel!!!! Sorry ass dumbfuck dipshit coach! What a fucking horrible call man!!!! Way to lose another game for us you dumbfuck!!!!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Easy brother. Just a little hangover from that punt return, but we’re going to get it moving.

  • ucla34

    Easy what??? We should be up 35-10!!!!

  • ucla34

    Embarrassing! Another timeout and even Fauria is yelling at the coaches asking them WTF are they doing!!!! Wow!!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Chillax. Looks like that timeout set up some sweet running plays. TD Bruins!!!

  • ucla34

    Dude! What f’ING game you watching??? We were up 21-10 at half and had a chance to put the game away! Dumb ass conservative play calling. They don’t let Brehaut air it out. This game should have been a blowout and its the reason no on respects our program!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I’m watching a Bruin WIN!!!! Game Over!! You seem like a guy that if Brehaut did air it out and got picked you’d blame CRN for that too. Bottom line, Neuheisal made the right calls for the Win!

  • Bob

    ucla34, that vein in your temple just exploded. Son it’s time for Captain Morgan now. I’m embarrassed for you dude. You might not question why your wife is no longer lives with you.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Hey ucla34 – don’t hate. Celebrate!

  • Anonymous

    49 runs, 12 pass attempts?

    This coach is smoking something

  • Anonymous

    Contract Extension!! 1-0 in Pac 12 play. Way to Go Slick Rick. Rose Bowl here we come!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    A great win but shortlived celebration.
    We are really gonna miss Sheldon Price next week.
    And Tressey may ice the Heisman Trophy for Andrew Luck.

  • Anon

    I can just imagine Andrew Luck goes 20-for-20 on 3rd down conversion next week.

  • Semi-Pro

    For people questioning the play calling: Derrick Coleman was KILLIN today…why would you NOT run him all day long, ESPECIALLY when you have a lead on the road???

    Work the clock and keep their pass-happy offense off the field, especially after they started to get some momentum after the punt return.