Post-Practice Update

* Nothing too special today – decent throwing game, but many of UCLA’s defensive backs are out or nursing injuries, so that’s to be expected. Got some interesting stuff from Mike Johnson about “conservatism” that I’ll post, and he addressed some of the questions very directly.

* Cornerback Jamie Graham returned for individual drills and said he was 100 percent and expects to be full-go tomorrow.

* Anthony Barr did not practice and had his right knee wrapped up. He said he had an MRI on Monday and that he was to visit with a doctor tonight.

* Kip Smith missed practice but Jeff Locke had a good day in his absence and told me he saw the flaw that led to two low kicks against Oregon State that were both blocked.

* Sheldon Price was in street clothes – as was Dalton Hilliard – and both are still questionable for Saturday.

* Johnathan Franklin practiced and looked fine after suffering a hip contusion.

* Tony Dye remains out of practice, while Andrew Abbott was back in a red jersey and is expected to make a full return tomorrow.

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  • Tacitus Aurelius

    Andrew Luck is licking his chops after reading the injury report. He will carve up the UCLA gimpy D like a cheap Thanksgiving Turkey.

    CRN will then trot out the old “injury” excuse after the beating.

    Tacitus Aurelius

  • Anonymous

    does kip smith ever go to practice? seems like he missed practice for a week now. his injury that bad?

  • MichaelRyerson

    “The flaw”? “The flaw”?? “The flaw that led to two low kicks being blocked”??? A flaw? Really? A flaw? WTF? Yer kicking a frigging football pardner. It ain’t moving, nobody’s hitting you, it’s right-the-frig there in front of you and you’re talking flaw? Half the frat boys over on Gayley would kick those field goals for a kegger and a broad. Jesus, where did these kickers come from. (Whew! that felt good. Thanks)

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: Shiver me timbers!

  • Pirate Mike

    “Yarrrr Kegger and a Broad! A Flaw A Flaw A Flaw??”

  • MichaelRyerson

    ARRRGGGGH! Get me a lad who can stand up to the occasional cannonball and grappling hook! ‘Nuf of this namby-pamby ‘I’ve identified the itsy-bitsy flaw in my footsy-wootsy’!!

  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    MRyer: LMAO again on “Yer kickin a friggin football pardner … IN AINT MOVING”
    “Namby-pamby” also reminds me of:
    “Back in my day, we used to kick each other in the nuts to find out who was right … now that’s a tough Mother Tucker!”

    P.S. The Heisman Trophy march will not be pretty come Saturday …