Post-Practice Update

* Fairly typical Wednesday practice, good tempo on a cloudy, somber day.

* Rick Neuheisel said that Anthony Barr might need surgery for a meniscus tear. He missed practice again today.

* Jamie Graham and Andrew Abbott were back at full-go and looked like they hadn’t really missed a step. That’ll be huge as Sheldon Price missed practice again with a knee injury and appears doubtful for the game. Dalton Hilliard and Alex Mascarenas missed practice too. This will be a trial by fire for guys like Brandon Sermons, Tevin McDonald and Graham/Abbott.

* Tony Dye, however, saw more action and said he’ll return this week. He admitted that his absence last week was not just precautionary and that he’s feeling much better this week.

* Some pretty good offensive work today, particularly in the throw-and-catch game by both Richard Brehaut and Kevin Prince. Prince had a few beautiful passes in a row at one point, and Brehaut seems more comfortable with the team and his role.

* UCLA coaches talked extensively about the need to “corral” Andrew Luck, who passed for just 151 yards last year but ran for 63, after throwing for 198 and rushing for three yards in 2009. Stanford completed 9-of-16 third downs last year while UCLA went just 1-for-9.

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  • dan

    Jon, is Prince getting 1st team reps or 2nd team reps with the offense? I still can’t believe that CRN is giving offensive reps to Prince.

  • Second-team.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Giving him defensive reps would be a little harsh, no?

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Hate to break it to some of you people, but if RB goes down with any injury or has to come out, KP is likely coming in. Rooting for RB to be a great starting quarterback and maintain the job while wanting KP to keep his chin up and prepare the best he can while taking second team reps aren’t mutually exclusive concepts.

    Great to see we’ll have some (relatively) healthy bodies to rotate in the secondary although that may be a moot point if we don’t get any push up front…3 sacks in 3 games? Ugh.

    Go Bruins!

  • Mike

    I’m just happy that 1 of our 2 top-string QBs are healthy and have played 4 games in a row. That hasn’t quite happened for who knows how many years. Experience and repetition that comes from game days can do wonders for confidence, trust and execution.

  • diehardbruin

    RB should have been getting the lion’s share of 1st team reps since fall camp. RB’s a gamer, CRN should have seen that long ago.

  • BruinInSD

    RB is the quarterback the Bruins need right now because he can pass the football effectively. Prince may be a better runner and better at making effective play decisions (based on reading defenses) in the pistol offense, but he’s a HORRIBLE passer. UCLA needs a credible passing game right now. RB brings that, KP does not. Not to mention that Prince has glass bones and a bad attitude.