Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) CRN mentioned that the Pistol was implemented in order to improve the running game. Do we need the pistol because to O-lin is not good enough or is it an excuse and this is the offense he is sticking with? Is there a reason that you know of that we can’t run a 3 or 4 WR set with the tailback lined up directly behind the QB? – Resource Guy
The brief Q&A with Johnson I posted really illuminated the coach’s perspective on the offense, and I now understand the degree to which the change to the Pistol and subsequent play-calling is because of the offensive line deficiencies. I really think they’re afraid of sacks and turnovers – probably too much – and that’s totally colored their judgment.

2) It appeared that the coaching staff has favored prince over brehaut for whatever reason the past couple years. Since you see the players on a regular basis, do you sense the players favor one QB over the other? Are the other players frustrated with the indecision at the QB position? – bruinpride
Indecision? Yes, definitely. They want a quarterback. They want one quarterback. The sense I get is it didn’t really matter which one, just give him the job and go, which UCLA didn’t do for weeks.

3) I am unfamiliar with how football practices are run. You have mentioned on a few occasions the need to tackle better and the lack of tackling in practice. Is the lack of tackling in practice a common philosophy amongst college football teams or is this a CRN decision that differs from top programs? Do most other Programs continue tackling past spring and fall camps? – bruinpride
Most of the practices I’ve seen are more physical, but that doesn’t always mean more tackling. Sometimes it means fewer individual drills or fewer non-live-action drills. But the main gripe is if something isn’t working, don’t you fix it?

4) How does Neuheisel expect Brehaut to develop any rhythm in the passing game if the offense calls 1 pass play for every 4 run plays (even in 2 min hurry up offense)? Has he completely given up on trying to keep the opposing defenses guessing or is he just playing not to lose (even when he’s down) and keeping the clearly exposed UCLA defense off the field? – Anonymous
From what I’ve heard this week, it’s kind of a mix of all of that. They’re trying to solidify an identity, which is kind of forced into place because of the weak defense and offensive line.

5) Having grown up in the South, I know that athletes there have to train in more challenging weather conditions, especially during summer (extreme humidity and more heat and precipitation) than do athletes located in Southern California. I believe that situation, in many cases, helps them develop more stamina and determination, translating into an advantage on game day — what do you think? – hogsman
Couldn’t agree more.

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  • Rich

    My sense of dread is growing for this weeks game…is there a sense of urgency with the kids at practice? Are they fired up and motivated by the prospect of facing the best QB in the country?