Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Jon, What’s your best estimate on the amount of input each coach has in calling a game, between Neuheisel, Johnson and Mastro? Fifty-fifty, Neu-Johnson? One-third apiece? – Anonymous
The way they describe it is collaborative, with Mastro and Johnson really calling the plays and Neuheisel offering suggestions based on the ebb-and-flow of a game during breaks in play.

2) Hi Jon. A lot of the criticism about Neu and this year’s team has been about the schemes and play calling. I’m not going to defend the play calling, but what about deeper things like fundamentals and team discipline? I see a team whose real problems have little to do with the scheme and mostly to do with fundamentals (tackling?) and discipline (penalties on third downs? unforced turnovers?). If we even made half the tackles we’ve missed this season so far, we’re 3-1. If we made half the tackles we missed, and had no stupid penalties or turnovers, we’re 4-0 right now. How do the good teams that play fundamentally sound and disciplined football practice that UCLA isn’t doing? Are these things major priorities for Coach Neu? Because it doesn’t look like it. – Robert B.
I would assume there are punishments for poor performance at other schools. They don’t seem to dock playing time for mental mistakes, and they don’t make the players run until they throw up instead. It just seems like the biggest punishment for bad behavior is a finger wag and a tongue-lashing.

3) After watching a few Oregon games this year I’m convinced we are deeper and more talented than them offensively but they’re 4th and were 42nd in the nation in total offence..how do you think our guys would perform under a Chip Kelley, or any coach that actually plays to win? – MaddoxtoLaChapelle
I don’t think you can just switch coaches, wave a magic wand, say poof, and know how the players will react. Oregon is a machine right now, ruthlessly effective, and UCLA is like a slinky. Who knows how the UCLA players would react in that machine?

4) What is the cause of the conservative play calling? If you know conservative play calls leads to a lackluster performance (both in wins and losses), why do they keep doing it? At best, it seems you barely win (Oregon State), and at worst you get blown out (Texas). – UCLA Med
Philosophy, average offensive line, quarterback mismanagement, drops, etc.

5) Will we ever play a hurry up, no huddle offense? We don’t run enough plays for all the playmakers we have there’s so much more we could do offensively and we are 2 deep now on D to combat quick 3 n out drives..your thoughts?? – MaddoxtoLaChappele
UCLA tries a hurry-up at times, but it has looked extremely ineffective and sloppy. I wouldn’t use it until it looked more refined.

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  • BruinFaithful


    Only through the 2nd set and this is already the BEST set of questions I’ve ever witnessed. I hope the last 3 don’t disappoint.

    BTW, where have you guys been?

  • James Katt

    With a very stringent academic standard – higher than nearly all football programs – UCLA has a difficult time getting the best talent.

    UCLA does NOT have as much talent as Oregon. The results speak for themselves.

    Oregon can recruit football talent with less of a focus on academics. UCLA cannot. Oregon has a much deeper talent pool to recruit from than UCLA.


    @ James Katt-
    Are you kidding me? Bigger talent pool? You do realize that the LA in UCLA stands for Los Angeles. The pool doesnt get any bigger.