Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) The worst part of being a fan this year is hoping we are just bad enough to have the admin get rid of scared,bland,conservative CRN..if we are lucky enough to get a new coach will DG get a third chance or is it his job also?? – MaddoxtoLaChapelle
I think if it comes down to a coaching change, Guerrero will be the one to make it.

2) How much say does our boosters have in the head coaching job? We don’t have a T Boone Pickens type figure or do we?? – MaddoxtoLaChappelle
Less than at other schools, and there is no T Boone-type tycoon with that much sway.

3) How come we rarely see our Defensive lineman attempt to bat down passes at the line of scrimmage? If the opposing QB is getting the ball out in 1.3 secs its impossible to get to him at least make it harder of him to fit the ball in there. Do they not practice this? – gsrbruin
They practice it, but that’s a matter of luck for the most part.

4) Coach Neuheisel often micromanages the offense from the sideline. The 3rd-and-1 to 3rd-and-6 fiasco during the Texas game is a prime example; there were similar moments against Oregon St. My question is: is he doing this in concert with the OC or is the OC being overruled after calling a play? Is UCLA’s bulky, three-headed offensive braintrust limiting their game-planning and playcalling efficiency and bringing the offense down with it? – Lu Valle pizza
No, I don’t think the three-voice thing matters that much. A lot of college football teams use a collaborative effort. From what I gather from the coaches, there isn’t much over-stepping.

5) 1) Brehaut wins the job in the Spring and is named THE Starter
2) Kip Smith makes the short FG and PAT in Houston
3) Brehaut plays the entire game against Twxas
Are we 4-0?
PS What do you think about the price of Gold? – Optimistic Synario

I think UCLA would have a good shot at 4-0 if that was the case, I really do. Given the key mistakes at times, there’s obviously no guarantee, but I wouldn’t have been shocked. Regarding the price of gold…I wish I was worth my weight in it. That’d be like Fort Knox. Buy buy buy.

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  • Anonymous

    You want a T-Boone Picken then you gotta get either Henry Samueli or Henry Nicholas to start directing their $$$$$ towards athletics instead of research. HaHaHa….Fat chance!!

  • Anonymous

    At one time, Henry Nicholas was considering a donation toward athletics at UCLA…Rowing, a sport in which he participated, but the administration couldn’t meet his requirements. So, what did he do? Well, he gave the money to UCI (where DG was the AD!). $1.3M in stock. Of course, he might not be too happy these days seeing as how UCI recently dropped rowing from the athletic department (just like UCLA).