Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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1) We Bruins like to think that our football recruits are academically a cut above those from institutions like USC and certainly the SEC. I’m talking about academic standards coming out of high school (SAT/GPA). Is that really true? Is there data to back that up? – Anonymous
UCLA is definitely more stringent than all but a few football programs in the country.

2) Jon, my question is, if we the Bruin fans see that our pass defense plays too soft and gives up easy yardage, why cant the Defensive Cordinator see this?…Why would any defense play so soft against passers such as Houston had and now Stanford has…passers that can pick apart soft-zone defenses…they will take the 5 or 6 yards we give them every throw…why is this allowed to happen? – bruincheerleader
We ask that all the time and don’t get sufficient answers. I think a coach expects his player to make the tackle or make the right play and calls a game that way. When it doesn’t happen though, that coach should be honest to himself and say it’s not working and adjust. Haven’t seen those adjustments.

3) Westlake 38, Thousand Oaks 6. What happened? – Anonymous
Unfortunately, Westlake looks great and Thousand Oaks just looks good. I mean, if they had a CERTAIN OFFENSIVE LINEMAN, I think the Lancers would’ve won 412 to negative-2.

4) What is your take on the team (specifically the offense) not knowing which qb will be the starter if its week to week and how will that impact chemistry between qb wr/te. players develop rythm and timing with qb’s in practice why split the snaps between qb’s with the first team? – chunk_e_bruin
I personally think its ridiculous to flip-flop quarterbacks, and if you are going to do it, figure it out early enough to have your starter solidified by Week 1. I believe in the synchronicity of an offense and The Police, and that an offensive player rallies around the quarterback. I don’t think the players care too much who the quarterback is in terms of personality, they just want the guy to do the job. But you have to pick the guy.

5) What are the pre-season basketball rules concerning exhibition trips/games? I noticed some teams played pre-season b-ball games in China, Italy, etc. this past summer (i.e. Oregon, u$c, Georgetown, UCLA Women, etc.). Seems everyone would want to do this if you get “extra” playing time and experience as a team together. – Larry
I’m not sure about the “rules,” I think it’s just up to the individual coach if it’s something he/she wants to do or not.

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  • MurrietaBruin

    For question #5, I remember reading somewhere that its one trip every four years during the summer and at that point its up to the coaches.

  • BruinFaithful


    Murrieta is right. I think it is one trip every 3 or 4 years per NCAA.

  • Larry

    Thanks! Seems to me that everyone would do this all the time if they could for the extra practice and experience. Makes sense there’s at least some rules around what is permitted.